Brian Liddy Notes 2014


1NT = 15 -17 Hcps,     5 card major -  Better minor   

Notes from Brian Liddy  Signals/Discards: 

Odd = Encouraging 

 Not encouraging Even = as in McKenny  thus  high even card looking for high suit, etc....  

Partner leads A  you have Q83  play the 3 is encouraging 
                 you have QJ3  play the Q - promises the J or a singleton 
                 you have Q8   play 8 
                 you have 83   play 3, encouraging as you have a doubleton.  

Partner leads KD against a 4S contract. You have 10 2
          Play 2D to say you want a switch- trouble is this would seem to indicate you want Cs.
 Declarer wins with the AD and  draws 2 rounds of trumps- play 10S first, then 2S. This alerts partner that you want Hs 

When play Attitude, when play distribution??

On partner's lead Attitude.
On declarer's lead, count/distribution . so with 257, follow with 2: with 2578, follow with 8 say

You can lie if partner has no points!!  

Special Leads at special times :

with AKJxx  A led  asks partner to show count
            K led  asks partner  do you like this or not? 

 Against NT  lead of a K means I demand you throw any honour. If you have no honour then show count  


Playing Strong NT, bidding Stayman checkback requires 11/12Hcps, ?? surely 8/9 hcps, responses are  

 2D: Neither  [NO holding max HCPS = 14 (this is the only change to our present system)  2NT: No major fit, min hand.]

 2H: 3/4H depending whether partner had bid Hs, does not deny 3/4S 

 2S: 3/4S as above, denies Hs.

Hand Evaluation - Brian.  Notes from 2015/2016 lessons ??

Honours need to be evaluated differently 
A singleton - value 2.5/3 points
Axxxxx      - value 6 points 
KQ          - value 3 points
KQx         - value 5 points
KQxxxx      - value 7 points   In LONG suits they are worth MORE


Law of TOTAL Tricks - Imperative to use. 
Do not let them play at the 2 level if they have a fit.  But 1D P 1NT P 2D    BETTER to pass 
No need to Double if you have already pushed opposition to a higher level 
 1H 1S 2C  X   - small support for Spades but lead Ds 

MULTI 2s - Brian Liddy 

KQJ1098 is the PERFECT 2D opener. Use in position 1/2/4 

But, with KQJxxx  AKQxxx KQ109xx  Open 1S                With K87654     PASS 
          Axxx    xx     xx                                   Qxx
          xx      xxx    Axx                                  Kx
          xx      xx     xx                                   Jx

POSITION 1st  Constructive & Conservative         No major Flaw ,only 1 minor flaw
         2nd  Conservative  say 6-9 points 6/7Hs  PERFECT
         4th  Conservative                        Perfect but can be stronger 
         3rd  NO RULES  maybe alert               Might only be 5 

So use this bid to say  I am Weak in one of the Majors AND
                         xx-xx points in NTs 

This leaves you 2H, 2S for some other use , and a 2NT of xx-xx points? 

Suggestion 2Hs being a weak bid with 5Hs and 5 of another suit 
           2Ss being a weak bid  with 5S and 5 of another suit??

Brian's style was to work on FLAWS.
  For a weak 2 opening no Major Flaws and only One minor flaw

A Major flaw is 1. 4 cards in the other major 
                2. Suit Quality BAD - say K87654 
                3, FAR TOO STRONG - say AKQxxx SQ too GOOD! 
A MInor flaw is 1. 3 good cards in the other major   say Kxx
                2. scattered honours in the other suits 
                3. Bland distribution   6332 
                4. An outside A   here 3NT might be a possibility 

Examples . With J10xxxx  ONLY in 3rd position NV

2D P 2NT P ?   NEED to agree replies to this  various options 

Defence to Multi2s 

Again, depends on your position 

In 1st position, 2D ?   this Dangerous. 2NT must be 18+ with stoppers.   2H/2S - 6 card suit and Opening Bid  
                                         X says I have Diamonds 

In 4th position, 2D P 2H ?   with K10xx  DOUBLE   with Axx       3D    2NT = 15+     & 3NT = 18+ points with stoppers 
                                  x                    xx
                                  AJ10x                AQ10xxx
                                  QJxx                 xx

If they do not have a fit, neither do you- PASS      with xx

Likewise,, 1H P 1NT P 2H   no FIT       PASS 

But,if they have a fit, you have a Fit  so 2D P 2H P 2S ? if you are short in Ss, they have a FIT let's compete  thus DOUBLE 

But  2D P 2S this bid shows very short spades, say 2 max and likely 4Hs, thus they likely do not have a fit, so PASS

BUT 2D P 2S P 3H, they have a H FIT, try 3S/4S 

Possibility to play!

2 or 4 key cards with unknown void - bid 5N

1 or 3 keycards with a void, bid 6x

6C void C - but if C are trumps, then a void elsewhere
6D void D - but if D are trumps, then a void in either H or S

6H void H if S is trumps, or void S if H is trumps (so = or < trump suit)

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