Bridge System with Jane - 6/10/2020

1. Discards. Even - McKinney
                 Odd- I want this suit

1B. Any use of carding? - only ever used this to show partner when to use his Ace to cut off access to dummy of a long suit

2. 4 card majors. Weak NT , 12-14. . Benji

2a. Negative Doubles & Support Doubles

3. Ogust after our partner's weak 2 opening if interested in game. Does it exist after an intervening double??

4. Gerber after NT bids. Otherwise RKCB 1430. After response,, use rolling bid to ask for Ks . Quantative NT raise

5. 2NT 20-22.

6. 2C 19-20 or 8 playing tricks. Response always 2D relay. Subsequent bid by opener of 2NT shows 20 points, balanced

7. 2D - strongest bid, forcing to game

After 2D opener . 2H 0-4, 2S 5-7, 2Nt 8-9, 3C 10+

8. 19 points rounded start with a 1 level bid and jump to 3NT if partner replies.

9. Strong jump shifts- so 1S P 3H is STRONG . Why use this rather than going slowly??

10. Weak jump overcalls of opponent's suit - 5-10 points and 6 card suit

11. Stayman & transfers  after 1NT overcalls

Jane's system - If you are weak and have a long minor,, a bid of 2S transfer to minor would mean I would bid 3C and you can pass or correct to 3D

With 11 points just say 2NT

Checkback Stayman after bidding like 1C P 1H P 1NT P 2C asks for 3Hs or 4Ss: negative answer is 2D

Weak Stayman - if weak opposite your 1Nt and a distribution like 4 4 4 1 - any suit contract should play better than 1NT

12. Helvic Wriggle!!- Chris has almost learnt this!

After 1NT X Pass a). with 8-10 points alerted , just say "asks partner to redouble" . Opener redoubles-so in this case being strong then a redouble of our 1NT is good: . . . . . b). weak < 8, with 2 non touching suits.  So after opener's redouble  a club bid means  clubs and hearts; a diamond bid means diamonds and spades, and a spade bid mean spades and clubs

After 1NT X XX means <8 points and a single 5+ card suit: opener bids 2C, pass or correct

After 1NT X 2C2D/2H :weak and has touching suits, 2C showing clubs and diamonds, 2D showing diamonds and hearts and 2H showing hearts and spades.  In all these scenarios opener chooses the best suit - that is pass or correct -

13. After their 1NT    2C means both majors 5/4 at least , most of the points in those suits
2D/2H/ 2S  a good 5 if not 6 card suit
2NT both minors  5/4 at least . . . . . . . . . . ie NOT Multi Landy!!

14. After a weak 2 opening,
1. X is for takeout. If you have <8 points you say 2NT and I know not to go too high: I reply 3C always and you correct to your best suit if necessay. 
So 2S X P  3C/D/H  promises 8+ points
- Jane now trying to learn this!!
2. 2NT says 16+ points and a good stopper
3. 2S 3S asks you for a stopper in their Ss - if so bid 3NT

15. After opponents double for takeout , say 1H X 2NT- Truscott- says I have support and 10+ points
say 1H X XX says I have 10+ points but no support for your Hs - - Jane now trying to learn this!!

... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1H X 2H means support but <6points . 1H X 3H is a normal single raise

16. Over partner's overcall, a cue bid says support and 10+ points
So        1H 1S P 2H                                  support and 10+ points
1H 1S P 2S                                  3Ss and < 10points
1H 1S P 3S                                    4Ss and < 10points    ie  raise to the number of trumps

17. 1NT P 2S means a 6 card minor.

1NT P 2NtT means 11points

18. Michaels & Unusual 2NT . 1C 2C means both majors . 1H 2H means Ss and a minor, bid 2Nt to find out the minor!! . .

. 1C 2NT _ have the lowest 2 suits, Hs and Ds . . 1H 2NT . . have the 2 lowest, the minors .

6-10 points non vulnerable, 11-14 points vulnerable- Chris thinking about this, at the mo does not use an upper limit!!

19.4th Suit forcing

20. A new bid at the 3 level is forcing

21. Trial Bids . .Splinters . then Cue bids after a splinter

22. 4NT  mean both minors, 5 5 usually

23. If you overcall, then I raise to the level of total trumps with 0-9 points: 10 points or more and support , then I cue bid their suit

24. After an opening 1H X, then jump a level:    2H is the equivalent of a pass, but with Hs, 3H  the equivalent of 2H -in essence weak and cutting out the opposition

25. 1H P 2NT is Jacoby- means 4+ support and 13+ points. Confirms game and investigates slam interest. Do not use after interference   With a strong hand, 6 or less loser, rebid by opener of 3H will show 16+ points and 5 card suit. A bid of a new suit at the 4 level shows a good 5 card suit of the side.  Bid at the 3 level of a nother suit promises a singleton or void.  3NT means only 4 cards in the suit and 15+ . 4H with minimum hand, up to 15 points, and 7 or more losers - Chris still attempting to learn this! - have a file on this on my computer


26. Not discussed how we react after you open 1NT, my RHS bids 2C/D/H/S , and I would normally have bid. Here again I use Lebensohl- do you want me to explain how, or what is your system?

27. Super Accept/break/bounce - rusty on these at the mo, so only use the former sometimes, likely incorrectly ! see note 20 on my Bridge tips( reached from Bridge Index)

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