Jacoby 2NT

1H P 2NT is Jacoby- means 4+ support and 13+ points. Confirms game and investigates slam interest. Do not use after interference  

Jane, playing 4 card majors here!

With a strong hand, 6 or less loser, rebid by opener of 3H will show 16+ points and 5 card suit. A bid of a new suit at the 4 level shows a good 5 card suit of the side.  Bid at the 3 level of another suit promises a singleton or void.  3NT means only 4 cards in the suit and 15+ . 4H with minimum hand, up to 15 points, and 7 or more losers


4 card support 12/13 + hcps
respond 3 level showing shortage
4 level strong 5 card second suit
otherwise with balanced hands
3M very strong
3NT medium 15/16
4M minimum

Only difference is that 3M not only hasto be strong but also a 5 card suit. So, with Jane, what happens if opener has 19 points but only 4Ss: just has to bid 3NT

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