System with Bill 2018

Discards. Even - McKinney
                 Odd- I want this suit

5 card majors. Strong NT , 15-17. . Benji

Ogust after our weak 2 opening if interested in game

Gerber after NT bids. Otherwise RKCB 0413

2NT 21-22.

After 2D opener . 2H 0-3, 2S 4-6, 2Nt 7-9, 3C 10+

After 2C -  2D relay always

So, 2C 2D 2NT says 20 points, rounded.

19 points rounded start with a 1 level bid and jump to 3NT if partner replies.

Weak jump shifts- play in the responder's suit . . . . .Weak jump overcalls

Stayman & transfers  after 1NT overcalls

Weak Stayman - if weak opposite your 1Nt and a distribution like 4 4 4 1 club - any suit contract might play better than 1NT

After 1NT X   XX  means I am weak & have a 5 card suit. You say 2C and I leave or correct.  Over 1NT X  2C/D/H/S is the start of a wriggle to find a 4/3 or 4/4 fit . Play this differently with Maria, so if you do too, let's discuss it

After their 1NT    2C meaning both majors 5/4 at least , most of the points in those suits
2D/2H/ 2S  a good 5 if not 6 card suit
2NT both minors  5/4 at least

After a weak 2 opening,
1. X is for takeout. If you have <8 points you say 2NT and I know not to go too high: I reply 3C always and you correct to your best suit if necessay. 
So 2S X P  3C/D/H  promises 8+ points
2. 2NT says 16+ points and a good stopper
3. 2S 3S asks you for a stopper in their Ss - if so bid 3NT

After opponents double for takeout , say 1H X 2NT- Truscott- says I have support and 10+ points
say 1H X XX says I have 10+ points but no support for your Hs

... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1H X 2H means support but <6points . 1H X 3H is a normal single raise

Over partner's overcall, a cue bid says support and 10+ points
So        1H 1S P 2H                                  support and 10+ points
1H 1S P 2S                                  3Ss and < 10points
1H 1S P 3S                                    4Ss and < 10points    ie  raise to the number of trumps

1NT 2S means 8 points or a 6 card minor. Opener replies 2Nt with 15/6 and 3C with 17

Michaels . 1C 2C means both majors . 1H 2H means Ss and a minor, bid 2Nt to find out the minor!! . .

1C 2NT _ have the lowest 2 suits, Hs and Ds . . 1H 2NT . . have the 2 lowest, the minors

Jacoby 2NT . After 1S, a reply of 2NT is 4 spades and more than 13 points. Then??

4th Suit forcing

A new bid at the 3 level is forcing

Trial Bids . .Splinters

When interference over our opening 1NT bid:

Opps bid 2C , we X.  This is stayman. Minimum of 10 HCPs. Often the 2C overcall is both majors, so unlikely to use this!

Opps bid 2C, we bid 2D. This is a transfer to hearts. Often the 2C overcall is both majors, so unlikely to use this!

Opps bid 2C, we bid 2H. This is a transfer to spades. Often the 2C overcall is both majors, so unlikely to use this!

Opps bid 2D, we X. This is a transfer to hearts

Opps bid 2D, we bid 2H. This is a transfer to spades.
Opps bid 2D, we bid 3D. This is stayman but to bid 3D you must have a minimum of 10 HCPs.

After the above bids we bid as normal.

BUT if responder has 8 plus points, and 3 Ds say,how can he penalize the 2D bid. ( 15-17 points and 8 ds max, unlikely to make!)

And what if overcall is 2H or 2S





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