Life at JSBSC in 2012

Easter Monday was celebrated with the usual Easter Bonnets Competition, which Jean & Jenny won.

eas1 eas2
Jean & Ed
Janet, Wendy, Sandra, Ann Mould, ?, Jean, Jenny, Audrey, Chris, Gudrun, Anne Muir
And a faithful few decorated eggs
Jean & Jenny

Also dinner with club friends, Ted & Maureen - click for larger photo

ted1 .ted2

Then June 2nd was our yearly trip into the Mountains to play against the Vallees club. They had moved to new premises at Toldos, unfortunately without adequate air conditioning. Our brains fried, we lost - by a large margin! but there was a splendid lunch to start the tournament


jun1 jun2 jun3
David & Philip - the opposition! Ruth , John, Pip on the left, Peter & Carol on the right Vernon, Gerry, Kay, Brenda
jun4 jun5 jun6
Brenda, Gary, Brenda & Judith John, Jackie, Barbara, Sue, Meg Barbara, Geoffrey, Ann, Lynne, Sue
jun7 jun8 jun9
Gerry, Gary, Judith, Brenda's back. Carol, Ruth, Peter Jackie, John, Mike, Meg
jun10 jun11  
Sue, Chris, Lynne, Barbara - our best team! President of the Vallees - Philip with 2 of their team  


.Then on June 4th there was a celebration of the Queen's Golden Jubilee- the poor French were slightly bemused!


jun12 jub1 jub2
John & Bill Russell Audrey, Ruth, Sandra Gwyneth & Nancy
jub4 jub5
Barbara, Maria, Sandra & Trish Barbara, Maria, Sandra & Trish Sue & Pip
jub7 jub8 jub9
Graham propsing a toast - back of Anne & Joy Peter, backs of Mark & Carl Heinz Pam, Chris, Audrey & Gwyneth


The next event was a very sad one: the death of Malcolm, who had been a wonderful mentor to Maria and me. A memorial evening was held for him at the club on September 3rd. The club was packed: many of the people I did not know.


Malcolm Harris 1933 - 2012

mal2 mal3 mal4
Peter Ford & Trish Manny & Pat standing  
mal5 mal6 mal7
Back of Richard, Pat & Geoff Daunt Pat talking, Malcolm's son to the right of her Trish, Richard, Manny & Don


A Car Rally was held on 30/9/2012.

A return match was played against the Vallees in October : again JSBCC lost, but this time only by a smidgen!

val1 val3 val4
Manny talking to Bill DeHavilland Gudrun, Wendy, Gaby, Chris Batt Judith, Barbara, Gerry & Royston
val5 val6 val2
Carole, Anne & Peter The 2 presidents standing: Manny & Philip Roy indulging
val7 val8 val9
Graham, Jackie & Mike Maggie, Kay, Alan & Manny Carole, Chris, Anne & Peter



The Vallees president, Philip Day, with his top team- Roy & Liz


Then in November our president, Manny, delivered a bombshell : he tendered his resignation to the 'Members of the Board', with immediate effect quoting 'irreconciable differences'. This caused some consternation but Ted , not even on the committee, kindly took over until the next AGM on 2/2/2013.

A Student Tournament and dinner took place on 4/12/2012. I missed this as I was flying back from India on this day .Santa came and delivered prizes -the winners were Jill and Mike Heanes

On 9/12/2012 about 40 members of the Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir performed at the Club to an audience of about 50.


These 5 smart chaps are members of JBSSC: Gary, Fred, Mike, Graham & Chris


Unfortunately the Clubhouse is not the ideal place for such a group - the columns prevent half the choir from being seen!

12/12/2012 saw the Annual Christmas tournament - with 50% prizes! - worth attending for the free glass of cava and mince pie.

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