October 2000. Moving to own premises at the Arenal

Alan McGuire handed over as President to Bernard Rourke in 1999 and it was he who instigated the move to the Arenal premises. When found the building was only a shell and a great deal of commitment to raise the finance and complete the building work was therefore necessary   Dennis Jones was his deputy and liased with the builders for the fitting out of the club. At this time, Bernard was president, Dennis vice president, Ralph Simcoe treasurer and Mark Urwin was secretary. The club was only legally formed on 18/4/2000, being registered with the Community of Valencia Registrar of Association as number 5329. The success of this enterprise was largely due to the efforts of Bernard and Maria Teresa in raising the necessary finance.The seller wanted 14 million pesetas but settled for 12 million pesetas up front, with 4 more tranches of 500,000 pesetas evey six months for 2 years.[ think this was ~ 84,000 euros] There was a BoV mortgage, a BoV loan, a loan of £10,000 from Ted Sherry- which was then repaid to his estate over a period of 10 years, and loans, in some cases two loans, from 32 individual members of the club. Both Bernard and Mark had to provide a pledge that they would become responsible for any default on the bank's portion of the loan.

Photos of the Arenal Club house as a building site


Lena Whiteley & Derek Johnstone, Club Pairs Champions 2000. Bernard in centre.


Thanks to Pat French, Audrey Bridger, Maria Teresa, Maggie Harris, Keith Jones, Bernard & Veronica Rourke, Arthur Hall, Janine, Mark Urwin,.... for all this information on the early years

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