Christmas in Malta 2021.

We arrived in Malts, via Madrid!, on December 15th for a month´s stay

Within 2 days I was down in Xamxija , invited by Phyllis to play bridge with her, Mario, Eileen & Janine, followed by a gorgeous festive supper.

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Eileen, Phyllis & Mario
Mario & Phyllis

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The following week we went into Valletta and visited the Lascaris War rooms,where we had a fantastic guide . We felt we should support the private project, suffering due to the lack of cruise ships caused by Covid, so we bought George, a WW2 teddy bear fighter pilot.. After this we had a full afternoon tea at the Phoenicia hotel.. Unfortunately we left the camera on a chair there, and it was never found,so all the Boyzz´Christmas photos around Valletta & in the War Rooms that day were lost: but, luckily, there were some photos of their high tea on my mobile . . .

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We followed the signs and went down a myriad of steps, then along a long tunnel into the reception and shop. Then an hour´s tour with the explanation of the Allied invasion of Sicily


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Then on to the Phoenicia for a Christmas tea, the full works. The surrounnds were nice and the roast beef sandwich was superb. But too much even for the Boyzz . Excellent cuppas


Our post Brexit residents´cards finally came through. Having taken a taxi to collect them at Identity Malta we then walked into Floriana and, eventually, down to the cruise ship waterfront, where there were numerous restaurants in the old warehouses, with large outdoor eating areas. We had a very good lunch at Browns, then walked through a never ending tunnel to a deep carpark, 6 floors down, from whence the lift took us up to opposite the Phoenicia.

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The remains of Christmas decorations down at the waterfront . And a good meal with calamari and chips! at Browns

We went to Terrone for lunch on New Year's Day

. . . .

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The last Tuesday Chris & Anne Evans came to lunch

I went for a swim every day and we also had about an hour´s walk, either round the fascinating streets of Naxxar or out into the countryside, each day. I also continued to play Online bridge up to 5 times a week , and I read Zafon´s ´Prisinero del Cielo´and most of Gerge Orwell´s novels.

We also visited Mdina one day and enjoyed a lunch in a picturesque square

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We had a really good time at the Malta Sports club with Liz and Louis

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David eventually got his Maltese driving licence

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Phyllis and Mario came to lunch ( whilst maintenance were demolishing our kitchen to fix a fault! )

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We took Joanne and Jimmy out for a meal at the Golden Fork, to thank Joanne for all she had done in selling the roof space on our previous falt at Spinola Bay The service was a tad pretentious!

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We enjoyed mince pies, Christmas cake and pudding from M & S. Also David´s mulled wine and some Asti Spumante. And Joanna sent us Harbours Rest Bear with a wondrous poem- see below - glued inside the lid of his box

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Harbour´s Rest Bear looks on at Christmas lunch . The pudding was flaming but the camera does not show it!! And we did pull the crackers for once


During our stay RyanAir cancelled our daytime flight back to Madrid and we had to fly back on the Friday evening, arriving Madrid just before midnight!. David booked us in at the Hotel Nuevo Bueno, for the princely sum of 62 euros, including transport to and from the airport: and we were pleasantly surprised by the room!. Thus we still arrived home on Saturday January 15th



A Very Happy Christmas!....

I come with love from Harbour’s Rest

    to join your growing clan.

    (I’m thinking that I could become 

       your very greatest fan!)

        I really like adventures

         and meeting other bears,

         and when it comes to travel, 

           no other ted compares!  

  I’ve been uniquely chosen 

   as a special gift from Jo,

    and now I’m here this Christmas 

       with a Lots~of~Love “Hello!”

 Thank you SO much for buying her

  a home so warm and snug.

     (She’s asked me to pass on to you,

             a really big bear~hug!)

I come with LOVE from Harbour’s Rest.

  I’ve wrapped up warm and well. 

  And when it comes to travel,

   there’s SO much I could tell!

    Jo placed me in a special box

     and searched out an address,

      then she booked a one way ticket

         by Teddy~Bear Express! 

I hope I’ve reached you safely

    and have not met with delay.

     (Jo told me I would get here

      to enjoy your Christmas Day!)

      With lots of love and blessings

        for the new year that’s ahead....

   ....I’m glad I’m in your family! 

         With love from

            Little Ted x x x 


   Harbour’s Rest Bear, Christmas 2021

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And the Boyzz enjoyed their picnic on the plane back to Madrid

And Corisande was delivered back to us outside Madrid Airport the next morning, and we drove safely back to Moraira

Life in 2021