September visit to Malta 2021

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We were delighted to find that all the damp problems, from which we had suffered since 2017, had eventually been righted , the balcony tiles relaid and all repainted ; the Red Arrows gave a splendid display to celebrate this!


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We had a day in Valletta to sign affidavits concerning the, possible, sale of roof space. Then treated ourselves to a 3 euro entrada for a superior view of the noon gun firing


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Enjoyed a lunch in Rampila( whose entrance evaded us for 30minutes or so!)


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Enjoyed all our meals on our balcony,, watching the antics of Shergar, Dolly the sheep, Dobbin and the chucks! - Only stayed 12 days as we had forgotten to remove the rubbish as we left Moraira!



A welcome coffee whilst waiting for our Ryan Air flight home!


Chris Grant Life 2021