A visit to England , October 2018


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A last minute change of plan gave us a bonus night in Salisbury, with pleasant accommodation in the Chapter House, right opposite the Cathedral Close . Really enjoyed Choral evensong that followed a 'Be a chorister for a Day'.
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Interesting shop window! Next morning revisited the Close and enjoyed visiting Ted Heath's house, Arundells: good conversations with some of its volunteers
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The house was set in lovely gardens going down to the river
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Then on to the Michelin starred Red Lion at East Chisenbury for a traditional sunday lunch before going to stay with Fi & Dick for 3 nights


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Then followed 3 sessions getting to know grandson, Oscar. He was asleep for a large part of the two 12-2 sessions, but was in good form in the middle session of 9.30-1.30, largely spent in Winchester's brilliant Childrens' Library
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Twice visited the same cafe with sumptious cakes

. . . .


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The local play areas were good too


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but the library was the overwhelming success

win6. win1 . win7

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osc20 osc22 loch-fyne osc23
A late lunch on Monday out at the Bush Inn at Alresford. Lunch on the Tuesday in the Loch Fyne Restaurant . And good breakfasts at Fi's.


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Headed up to Sheffield at 2pm on Wednesday - lots of traffic jams! But a warm welcome and good supper at Jo's flat
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Next day we had a local walk before heading to the Sitwell Arms for lunch: large wedding group there but we got our food reasonably promptly!


haz1 haz2 haz3
Then back south to Hazel's & Ed's. Good catch up on holidays, followed by a lovely dinner. Next morning a walk through Richmond Park- past 33 West Temple Sheen! -
haz5 haz6 haz4 haz7
a coffee & bun break with views, then a walk along the river to central Richmond and a bus hop back to Sheen


And an Easy Jet delay at Gatwick left us getting home to Moraira on the Friday night past midnight

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