Life in 2018

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We returned to Moraira from Malta at the end of January and I was able to get into a routine of playing bridge, physio exercises and daily walks of 30 minutes - to aid the rehabilitation of the knee!. These walks were often rewarded by coffee and a bun in one of the few cafes open in Moraira during February: Zentasez was popular for a late, extra, breakfast!.

bridge1 . bridge2 . bridge3

The Saturday Tournament at JBC after the AGM on February 17th


Cashew Bear was presented to David by Carol

At the end of February Stephen came out for 4 days. He installed WhatsApp on my phone and tried to teach me Intuition in using it!. Vaguely succeeded in taking photos on it and forwarding them to my computer . We enjoyed a meal at Audrey's - the Michelin Restaurant in the Hotel Diamante in Calpe - where I also used the hydropool for 5 weeks to get the knee moving!

leonera . . ste1 .ste2.ste3. pemb


ste4 . ste5 . ste6 . ste7 .

Photos at Audrey's above , plus the odd one on WhatsApp!

moun1 moun2 moun3 moun2 moun3
On the Saturday we went up to Bernia, a walk suitable for the recovering knee- aided by new lightweight sticks-& then a very pleasant, but non gourmet, lunch

His visit was closely followed by one from Sally and Margaret. We had a day out at Guadelest, with a lovely lunch in the Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant, L'Obrer, nearby. Also a birthday lunch for Margaret in Zensatez.

rates3 rates1 moun4 moun5


dav-sal guad rates6 rates2
Photos of Guadelest above, and in L'Obrer and in casa below
marg3 obrer obrer2 marg4


obrer3 zen1 zen2
Margaret's birthday in Zensatez and then out on our terrace
zen5 mor1 mor2


anne . .vespas .pinguino

Playing with Whatsapp: Anne in Tapas Para Ti in Javea, that delicious Tiramasu in Vespas and Pinguino

Then on March 15th we flew to Italy: Rome and Umbria for 2 weeks


Giuseppe arrived a week or so later

April 10th we drove to Madrid and then flew to Ghana to board the Silver Cloud up to Lisbon

A Sunday glass of Cava at Claire's building site

claire1 claire2 claire3    


was followed in mid May by another week in Malta, where I took full advantage of the Physio to get the knee recovery back on schedule

mal4 mal1 mal2 mal3

meghan . meghan2

and watched that Royal Wedding!

Then back in Moraira for 6 weeks. Some photos of Life on the Urbanization, Carol's fashion shoot, a visit to Casa Pepa and the Ladies Ascot Tournament at JBC

lads .urba1 , david

July saw us flying to Reykjavik to board the Silver Wind on its passage to London

Back in Moraira there was a lunar eclipse- but rather hazy that night

ecl ec2 ec3 ec4

and Vikongo was introduced to the family


In August we set off for 8 days in Navarra, St Emilion, Gaynor's and Andorra

Back for 5 days and then off to Georgia & into Armenia

carol1 carol2 carol3
Back in Moraira, we caught up with Carol & Paul, who had rented a house on the beach


peter lidl lorry
Last day for Peter Freeman, & David . . . . . . . . . .Lidl advert flying over Moraira . . . . . . . . . . Lorry to repair Jihan's wall


carol4 carol5 carol6
Relaxing after cooking Cottage Pie for 40 for the Barrow Bridge Club supper

In October we had 6 nights in England to visit the children

and, only 9 days after the Barrow Supper, a Teams Tournament against JSBSC

We had nine days away in Portugal & Spain at the start of November

Then flew to Malta on December 5th

From there to the Silver Discoverer cruising from Maputo to the Seychelles , it being 2019 by the time we arrived there!



Photos received from friends

fra1 fra2 fra3
February. St Priest le Fougeres blanketted with snow- no swim that day. Fina and Toby


Friend of Marie Christine's!


jo-cake jo-rain
Jo's birthday cake, a rainbow & a new hair cut
jo-hair jo-5 jo-hair2


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