Oxford, Sheffield, Winchester & Malta - September 2017

On September 14th we flew to Gatwick for 5 nights in England, before flying on to Malta for another 4 nights.

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We stayed at the Oxford Townhouse, just south of Folly Bridge, for 3 nights, attending the annual Alumni Weekend . Stephen joined us
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the first evening and we enjoyed a good meal at the Folly. Next day we chanced to walk past Rainbow House, an old haunt of Jo's.

We enjoyed the following talks: The People versus the Elite; Why Policing matters; Smart enough to save the planet; Fake news; What role can military power play in the future of International relations ; What's new in Physics.

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View of boathouses from our window. Had lunch with Brett & Anne in Somerville, attended several talks & supped with Hannah & Garry on Friday


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More talks on Saturday,a light lunch with Liz in Somerville, tapas at the Physics Department & then formal dinner in Pembroke


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On Sunday we had a tour of the Modern Art Museum and listened to Bach's Virtuosi in New College Chapel , before driving up to


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Broncos on the Park in Sheffield. Monday we had coffee at Jo's super new flat in Mossborough , then lunch at Sally's & Geoff's.


Then shot south to Twyford, seeing Fiona, Stephen & babe before flying to Malta on Tuesday


Life in 2017