A Visit to Carcassonne and St Priest le Fougeres and back through Rioja - August-September 2015

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We stayed for 2 nights at Domaine de la Chevaliniere, nearCarcassonne. Slightly disappointed that they were unable to provide dinner, and their booking for dinner beside the Canal was not a success- seedy and food prepared in advance. Next day, we spent exploring the fortress of Carcassonne and had an
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excellent lunch there at La Marquiere. Estella and the monastery Carcassonne is now a World Heritage Site and we thoroughly enjoyed exploring it.
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On leaving La Force we stopped in Castelnaudary- down memory lane for our 2 much earlier trips on the Canal de Midi


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Had our usual relaxing time at St Priest les Fougeres with Gaynor & Vic. As usual I splashed in their lake, even before breakfast one day, and bought a few new little
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numbers at the Parisien boutique in La Coquille. Also visited a craft market with Gaynor.David started his 70th birthday with aplomb before we headed back to Rioja


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We stayed 2 nights at Palacio Dos Olivos, Galdeano, to the west of Pamplona. An impressive building, magnificent
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scenery & good food,but a bit like the Marie Celeste!.Next day we explored Estella, the Irache monastery and then had an excellent lunch once again at the Marquis de Riscal Hotel - this time outside its Wine Bar

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