Life in 2015

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We went over to England for the wedding of Hazel & Ed at the start of February, meeting up with Stephen the previous day at the Orange Tree in Richmond and then having supper at Hazel's.

wed5 . wed6 .wed2

After 2 nights in Richmond we flew to Dublin - Business class by some fluke! - where we rented a car and drove to Macroom. Stayed there 3 nights and then moved on to Cong, Mayo, for another 3 nights.


Photos of Ireland

Almost as soon as we got back Sally and Margaret came over for 4 nights . We hired a car, went up the mountains to see the almond blossom - and have a good meal! - and wandered near Moraira for the other 2 days, dining in Caso Canto in Benissa and lunching for the last time - the adjacent owners were feuding! - at 'Surly Man's' next to the port.


Photos of their visit

Later on in February we had Graham, Jackie & Mike to dinner- but forgot to use the camara! - and also Anne & Michael.

valentine anne michael chris

Valentine Ted arrived on the 21st . . . . . Anne, Michael and Chris relaxing after dinner

Late March saw us departing for South Africa - business class due to a computer error! - with a week spent there round the Cape vineyards, followed by 18 days on the Silver Explorer up the West Coast of Africa, explorong Namibia, Angola, Congo, Sao Tome & Principe, Benin, Togo and Ghana


African Journal

Once back we went to Valencia with the University Alumni group- book fair and a very pleasant lunch, and then it was the Urbanization AGM on the last day of April -photos

Then pleasant meals at Vespas and at the Dauphin, Portet


vespa2 vespa3 vespa4
vespa6 portet1 portet2

Very reluctantly forced into giving up playing Bridge at JSBSC at the start of May, I decided to take advantage of the freed up time and travel even more. So we enjoyed 3 nights up near Girona on our way, courtesy of Ryan Air!. to Malta, where I packed in 7 games of bridge!- thanks to Liz, Phyllis, Margaret & Jackie.

malta0 .cad-boyzz .dali-cad

On our return we spent 2 nights at the Artists Retreat in Saus, and visited the Dali Museum in Figueres, Caduques and Tossa

In June we spent 6 nights up in Galicia & Asturias

rio-rey . grainstore

July saw a lunch with Anne & Michael, also a wine tasting at Ted's - the same day!!- before heading off to Colombia & Venezuela

anne-chris .michael . anne

In early September we ventured up to Carcassonne & explored the Canal du Midi en route to Gaynor's & Vic's, staying in Rioja on the way back ..

carcassonne. canal-peak . chris-fina


In September we met up with Ed, Jane, Jackie & Mike for a pleasant dinner.

ed1 . ed2 . ed3 . ed4


Then in October we drove round Ecuador before boarding the Silver Explorer for a journey south from Guayaquil to Ushuaia

Once home we had a super lunch over at Benidoleig with Bill & Brenda

russell1 russell2 russell3

In December we took off for CapeTown, where we boarded the Regent Mariner going to Rio de Janeiro via Namibia and supposedly St Helena . And from Rio onwards to the Iguazu Falls to Paraguay : diary and photos of this trip


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Cousin John Lyons came over from South Africa in April and met up with Hazel and other cousin John in London


Photos received from Joanna during the year

jo14 jo6 jo7 jo20
Joanna went back to Kirkby Fleetham Hall with friends Yvonne & Daryl . Also had a visit to the much smartened up cellar area
jo13 jo11 jo3 jo4 jo5
They wandered round the well kept grounds
jo15 jo8 jo10 jo16 jo17
Also downstairs in the house: the library/bar and our living end, now converted into one large room. & My beloved walled vegetable garden
jo21 jo18 jo19 jo12 jo22
Outside the church with ? . . Our cottages and stables having been sold off- so they have built new Stabling on the other side


jo2 jo1 jo25 jo23 jo24
Queen Mary's had a 90th reunion- 7 from her year. With classmates Michelle, Juliet, Catt, Anna


jo9 joflat3 oflat4 joflat6
Then in early June she moved into a new flat-new build of just 20 near Beighton,Sheffield. Lots of nice views, birds, trees & peace
A great kitchen, spacious bedroom, lounge and hall area


jo-violin jo-sidmouth jo-boat jo-dog jo-xmas-2 jo-xmas1
Photos taken November 2015 on a visit with Yvonne & Daryl to Sidmouth . Then Christmas with her friends in Matlock


   Yes, I am an artist, but not as you would see. 
 It's hard to paint a picture with paint in front of me. 
 Yet, offer me a canvas of paper for my pen 
 And I will paint a picture to reach the hearts of men. 

   So yes, I am an artist, I paint with words and prose,  
I wonder down a pathway and wonder where it goes.
  Until a poem's finished, I don't know what I'll see, 
 For this remains a gifting God's placed inside of me. 

   I look around my dwelling and see things I can make. 
 Magazines will then become the paintbrush that I take. 
 Collages are canvases that mirror from my heart,
  I cannot "paint" as painting goes, but still I make my art. 

   Every single little one is born to paint and sing, 
 There's something very special that only they can bring. 
 I cannot draw perspectively or understand a note,
  But there has been amazing art in poems that I wrote.
   Five out of ten for artwork (my usual grade at school), 
 But drawing with a pencil is not an artists' all.
  I'll look at  fallen branches and "paint" a natural tree 
 Which even has the genius to stand out in 3D! 

   I'll mirror my creator with what I choose to "draw", 
 For nature is a canvas that fills my heart with awe. 
 Each work uniquely crafted, I slowly mould my "clay" 
 And happily enjoy the gift of taking time to play.
   My table is an easel and my windowsill a base, 
 Imagination stirring me to make things in this place.
  So YES, I am an artist, but not as many know, 
 My home is just a studio to place my art on show.

    And YES, you ARE creative, I'm confident to say.
 God used creative molecules to form your DNA. 
 Each child is an artist, and that can be regained,
  Untangling the genius you never knew remained!   
 Joanna, November 22nd 2015

mc-kitty .mc-kitty2 .meike

Photos Albanian doll & Kitty from MC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Meike's 95th birthday at JBC

Chris Grant