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We stayed in Moraira for most of the first 3 months of this year,with just a brief sortie to Dublin and England for genealogical searches. In mid April we departed for a 10 day custom made Spanish course in Getaria and the Pyrennees after my stint of teaching first year Bridge had ended. In late May we returned, via France and the Monaco Grand Prix, to Corisande and almost immediately departed for Australia. In August we had 5 days each in Chelmsford and Wales, tracing my Turners, Meads & Parchments and David's Pughs & Evans. Must have also stayed with Hazel and went to see Philippa and Brian. Back in Moraira we had our first - and last- cycling holiday together in the Duero and Portugal: I broke my wrist on the last day!!. We first stopped in Abalos, then in Molinos de Duero near Soria,- mushroom hunting- then Santo Domingo de Silos - Gregorian chants-, then just north of Benavente, before arriving in Chanceleiros, Portugal. I returned to find I was the sole teacher for the Improvers bridge classes!!, so David had to become my chauffeur. We rushed from our Spanish lessons in Calpe with Mercedes, sometimes via physio with Apollonia in Moraira, to Javea and lunch along the Arenal if there was time. David would collect me from Ted & Maureen's after 6 and we would proceed to Terra Vina for more Spanish, followed by a Tapas supper. Thursdays we still had triple Spanish, with a brisk walk through Calpe to Marie Rosa's for an hour's chat. The plaster came off after 5 weeks and Sudek's syndrome set in!. Christmas saw us in Valencia for a couple of nights.

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david gataria getaria walk getaria
getaria getaria pyrenees pyrenees
pyrenees nice chateau le mans willi
eagle hamlin stromatite weano gorge
karajini broome leopard river mornington
Mornington Ellenbrae Gibb River Road Pentecost River Crossing
Questo Carol & Russell Carol Bungles
Bungles rabbit flat bond springs bnd springs
alice springs kings canyon kings canyon kings canyon
olgas ayers manager ayers rock sound of silence dinner
ayers rock frans daly waters daly waters
adels grove adels grove cumberland chimney daintree
bajul tim daphne rioja rioja
molinos del duero molinos del duero molinos del duero molinos del duero
molinos del duero posada real pinhao pinhao
rio duero rio duero rio duero hotel chancelleros
hotel chancelleros hotel chancelleros mercedes marie rosa
moraira moraira toadsnow granada
granada valencia granada valencia


Hazel & Philippa

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