The Sarojin, Phuket, and the Star Flyer - March-May 2007

A blue Photo Book exists, plus a folder with all the ship's daily bulletins from 24/3/2007 - 30/4/2007. Also David's masterpiece-


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Before boarding the Star Flyer in Phuket, we stayed for 12 nights at the luxurious Sarojin Hotel there- aesthetically pleasing and great exercise classes!

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Then we sailed- or, more often, motored!- for five weeks aboard the Four Masted Star Flyer with ~46 other passengers, roughly half British & half German, also 2 Canadians and an Australian . We left Phuket on March 24th, arriving in Cochin on April 3rd.



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We explored near Phuket for the first 2 days, as the scheduled stop in Colombo was cancelled due to problems with the Tamil Tigers . Stops were made at Ao Phang Nga & Koh Hong archipelago, then at Similan Maritime National Park on the next day. Followed by 7 days at sea. .

similian-lunch .phuket-islands

Lunch in the Similian Islands .. . . . . . . . . .Edging through some Phuket Islands

star14 .similian


star15 star16 star17 sea14
David climbed the mast - but realised once out on the beam that the lads had not attached his safety harness!! View from up high
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Our Expedition leader, Peter, and the ship's scrawny parrot were the 2 most vocal things aboard! The Boyzz & Oz kept themselves to themselves!

food sea20 sea32
Lots of good food
sea22 star19 star29 star30 star30
star24 star31 star32 deck-dinner star34
Mark & Grant
Dinner on deck

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There were 3 choirs, the English & Canadian ones directed by Canadians, Mark and Grant. The German Choir rehearsed with Lazlo. These performed in a show, which included a talented spoof on Peter!, plus a Rule Britannia by Terry & Helen. And daily quizes

service show star33
star36 star23 star37 star38
I discovered that I could sing!
A church service each Sunday
The English speaking choir
The German choir

First port of call was Cochin, Kerala, a very peaceful backwater of India. We had a City Tour here on arrival, followed the next day by an excursion to the Backwaters of Allepy

coch17 .elephant

The local dancers came aboard - Kathakali Dance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Local transport

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Then, after another day at sea, on to Goa, where we moored alongside an Indian warship and visited a Hindu temple and a plantation- on a clapped out bus!

coch16 goa10 goa1 goa2 goa3
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Every time we left a port we sang the 1492 VanGelis Overture- heartily. Then several days at sea en route to the Horn of Africa

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sea17 sea11 hauling sea21 star21

There were daily quizes, several keep fit sessions {3 Scandanavian lads kept us busy}, even some bridge- for want of a better name!!

. , .

sea18 .sea19

We purchased 2 teashirts in Goa for 50 p each- could have made a fortune with resales!!

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sea28 sea29 sea30 sea31 sails

Then on to Luxor where we had the most wondrous guide: Mafa had 3 doctorates, one in medicine, but she earned more as a very upmarket guide, only working with priveledged clients . We really felt we knew about Egyptology when we finally left her after our visits to Luxor, Karnak, St Katherine's Monastery and Cairo

lux42 .lusx11

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Willie and friends!

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From Safaga on to Sharm el Sheik and St. Catherine's Monastery, built in 565

kat3. kat10

We almost failed to reach this fantastic place- something to do with permits I think. It is the site where Moses is supposed to have seen the burning bush, and is sacred to both the Christian and Islamic religions.

kat1 kat2 kat4 kat5 kat6
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lux21 kat22 kat23 kat24 kat25

It was then time to transit the Suez Canal, a pilot and many cartons of cigarettes - as bribes for all and sundry along the way - being required.

suez1 suez2 suez3 suez4
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We then went by coach , accompanied by 2 armed guards, from Port Said to Cairo, past many road blocks!. Stayed overnight in the Meridien Hotel, right beside the pyramids: could even admire them whilst swimming!

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Then on to Rhodes and a day ashore there, visiting the Acropolis of Lindos


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before landing in Athens on the 30/4/2007, where we stayed for a night and explored some of the places visited back in 1966

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What a journey... and I was not bored!!

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Chris Grant