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This page was originally created in 2014, so was only a small snapshot of what happened to us, or rather to Newquay, in this year!!. But it does give a good record of the hotel and its gardens . Then in 2020 it was updated to include our life in Spain as well

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ann1 ann2 ann3 cor1 cor2
The Annex had 9 rooms in it, but we stopped using it about 2000- only 2 reasonable rooms were ensuite & it was cold and leaked!
cor4 cor9 cor6 cor7 cor8
View of our new house, designed by Garry and built by Jon and men, with help from David . And lots of shots of the hotel and grounds
cor10 cor11 cor12 cor14 view5

We had upgraded the 4 superior rooms around 2003 and David made a photo memory of the 8 rooms we had.

night1 night2 night5 night4 night3
The Nightingale Room, and its bathroom, on the lower ground floor
sky1 sky2 sky3 sky4
And next door Skylark and its bathroom
plov1 plov2 rob1 rob2 rob3 rob4
On the first floor Plover and Robin with its bathroom. There was also the small, usually single, Pheasant- no photo
king1 king2 chaff1 chaff2 swift1 swift3 swift2
On the top floor were Kingfisher & Chaffinch and in the tower, Swift, with its bathroom up above


bal2 bal5 bal1 bal3 bal4
A Hot Air Balloon from the nearby Headland Hotel occasionally floated by


din1 din1 lounge1 hall1 hall1
Memories of the Dining Room, Lounge and Hall, guarded by the Teds


rajat lounge02 lounge04 lounge06
Memories of the lounge, transformed early on. in 1996, from the 'old people's waiting room'


. .

view1 .2004-guests2 .cor05

hor1 hor2 jeep1 jeep2 jeep3
Horses used to enjoy the Gannel, as did Jeeps when they did not get stuck and have to be towed out of danger as the tide rose
tres1 tres2 tres3 view2 view3
Trespassers used to use our grounds as a shortcut up from the shoreline - they were not welcome!

. .view5 . 2004-cor


cor-02 .cor-03

We had bought in Moraira in 2004, so would have been in Moraira by November 2004, and would not have been back in Newquay until early March 2005. Then would have left by the beginning of November 2005 for another winter of good weather in Moraira.

Newquay experienced severe snow on November 25 2005. These photos must have been sent to me

corsnow1 . snow2 . snow3

View from the hotel balcony. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .The balcony with 'Stop' Bear. . . . . . . . . . View down the drive- the roof being redone!

snow1 snow2 snow3 snow4 snow5
snow6 snow7 snow8 snow9 snow10

snow11 . . .

Other scenes in town and of the Island


And the Boyzz on the train in Moraira!


For other photos of the rooms and gardens of Corisande, see Corisande

Liz got married to Gary Rivers in Lincolnshire in 2005. David releaded the roof of the Tower. I continued to enjoy yoga, Freda, Alison & Betty being part of the group

liz-wedd yoga betty


We explored a lot of Spain when we came here for 3-4 months over Christmas 2004/5 and 2005/6

My mother came out at the end of January to spend her 90th birthday in Spain: Margaret flew out with her and then flew back after 4 days. Mum was worried she would not get out due to the wintry weather in England: little did she know that the motorway was closed from Alicante due to snow! Hazel and Ed then came out for a week, staying in an appartment up above us, Alice and Adam joining them for the last 3/4 days. We had a birthday lunch for her at Caso Canto in Benissa. Also a sunny lunch the next day down at Surly Mans


mum-90 mum-5 mum-tapa mum-90 mum-tapas2
90th-2 90th-4 90th-1


car-snow mor-12-snow
mor01 mor02
mor03 mor05 mor04 mor07 mor08
mor09 mor10 mor-balcony mor-statue mor-nautico


In the early years I used to swim down at Cap Blanc

mor-swim swim2 balcony chris-pool



We stayed in Madrid for several days, travelling there by train from Alicante.

mad4 madrid1 mad2 mad3 mad-corr


During this time we visited the Escorial and the Fallen Valley on November 20th 2005, the 30th anniversary of Franco's death

esc1 .esc2

franco1 franco2 franco3 cross

Also had a couple of days in Valencia, returning via the rice fields

val1 val2 val3  
val5 val6  

We spent several days in the centre of Barcelona


bar18 bar2 bar11 bar2 bar22


bar14 bar20 bar16 bar01 bar23


We had a stop one year in Burgos on the way back from Moraira to Cornwall via San Sebastien


I joined the U3A and went to a shared Spanish lesson at Maria Rosa's in Calpe with a fellow tennis player, Claire. David then started having private lessons with her, which I eventually persuaded him to share with me! Any visitors who came to stay were shown around the old town of Calpe and the Dutch Auction fish market at the other end of the town . We also went on a Tin Lizzie tour to a winery

calpe1 calpe2 calpe3 calpe4 wine-tin-liz


We also took visitors to Jalon, particularly during the Almond Blossom season : also to Guadalest

jal1 jal2 jal3


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