2004 Spain

Then in February 2004 we decided that we would no longer work over Christmas & New Year in future. And thus it would no longer be sensible to be open at all from the end of November to the end of February. Thus we could retreat to somewhere warmer for at least 3 months : this turned out to be Spain. And, as David needed reliable internet access to continue running his lucrative Internet tourist sites business, we would have to buy. Thus in the last week of February we hired 2 relocators, one in Murcia and one in Malaga, to help us find a suitable property. We landed in Malaga, and drove up to Murcia, where Andrew showed us ~24 properties in 2+ days, starting each morning from our hotel in Murcia. On the Saturday morning we had an offer accepted, by the owners, the Fuchs, on 8 Benirrama, Moraira: we celebrated with a glass of Cava at Algas, cancelled the relocator in Malaga, stayed a night at the Montemar Hotel, near Moraira, booked a room in Guadix cave village for the Sunday, and then drove down to Nerja for the next 2 nights, where our friends, Vic & Gaynor, had an appartment for the winter months, flying home from Malaga on the Wednesday as planned. David then flew back to complete the deal in April, staying overnight in the new house, then locking it up until November. For the next few years we would take the overnight Brittany Lines Ferry from Plymouth to Santander, then a 9 hour drive south to Moraira.

montemar guardix1 guardix01 guardix3  


We visited Cordoba in 2004/2005, staying in a delightful patio hotel in its centre . Below are the photos we took on our walks. The Mosque was very impressive

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Nearer to home, we explored Guadelest

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and went to a Craft Fair in Ondura

gua1 gua2 ond1 ond2
ond4 ond5 ond6 ond3

We also stayed for a few days in Sevilla.

sev1 sev2 sev3 sev4 sev5
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sev11 sev14 sev12 sev15 sev13

And we went on a Wine trip with Colin Hartness in a Tin Lizzie bus

wine1 wine2 wine3 wine4 wine6


Also visited Granada for the first time

gra7 gra6 gra-hot8 gra2


gra08 gra-pan1 gra-cath gra2 gra-gen1
gra-gen2 gra-gen7 al01 gra-gen4 gra-cafe

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