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In January 2001 we flew to Perth, then headed east to Kalgoole, south to Esperance, then back along the coast to Albany, then north through Walpole, Pemberton, Nannup & Margaret River to Perth ( map slightly wrong)


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Each year, spring and autumn mainly, friends would come to stay. This was an occasion for me to go out with them, often to the glorious Cornish gardens and sometimes, too often, to the Eden Project, opened in 2001. Nigel & Davida used to bring Faith down each year

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In November 2001 we went to the Cook Islands- We stayed a week on Raratonga,the main island, in a beach front 2 storey condominium. Each day we would walk round part of the islandĀ“s coast, catching a bus to take us to where we had left off the previous day; then bussing home at the end of our walk. One day whilst we were having lunch a couple of miles from our condo, there was suddenly an eery hush: the waiter advised us to get home as fast as possible. Enroute mangoes were dropping in their hundreds and tin rooves were flying. Our condominium was boarded up for 36 hours, and, when we we finally emerged, there was no beach! We then flew to the smaller island of Aitutaki for another week

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