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Enjoyed social bridge with Davida, Yvonne & Mary . Liz Dickson left us to set up her own business . Stephen rowed for the Oxford Lightweights

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He read PPE at Magdalen and we were able to go punting again after a gap of 25 years!


After an intense year training and fighting to keep his weight down to ~11 stone, Stephen gained a Lightweight Blue, rowing at number 3: the team beat Cambridge by 2 1/2 lengths

blue .blue2. blue3

David and I celebrated our Silver wedding with both sets of parents in Chadlington on 28/6/1992

Dad, Ba, Stephen & David
David, Stephen & both sets of parents
Chris, Ba, Stephen, David & Grannie

Joanna came home from the Radcliffe Hospital, under Dr James' care, with anorexia: " they could do no more for her and we should keep an eye on her during the nights, as she might die"!. She was down to 4+ stone, thought she was fat, and each meal time lasted an eternity. The one glimmer of hope was Dr. Jill, our local G.P., who Joanna liked. Eventually Dr Jill persuaded Dr James to recommend treatment at Farm Place

Ironically we were desparately trying to fatten Joanna up whilst at the same time Stephen was despaerately trying to get down to near 11 stone for his lightweight match!!: he used to sweat in a black plastic bag just before weigh-ins

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We had a holiday in an appartment in Fuertaventura, visiting a nearby hotel most days


fuer1 fuer2 fuer3

The daughter of Brenda, a Yoga friend, had her wedding photos taken outside the hotel


And we had a short break in Lynton- using Nigel Short's scheme



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