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In January David and I went to Tobago which was relatively untouched by tourism. We rented a car and drove rough the island, watching people pass their normal lives. Fishing was done using seine nets off the beach

tob5. tob1

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http://www.davidgrant.org/holidays/1990/tobago/tobago-1990.html has more photos

At Easter, we took a short break down in Cornwall with Joanna: Stephen declined to come!. Met 'Bag it and Bin It'


I was a member of a local tennis club, playing at least 2 evenings- early- each week. Also did yoga each week with a group led by Carolyn. Also used to go to Hook Norton to pick strawberries and other soft fruit. Attended Bridge adult education classes and played in a few tournamnts with Barbie- but then she withdrew due to anxiety. Played bridge socially with Davida, Yvonne & Mary

hook1 hook2 hook3 treacle
mort2 davida wimbledon
Elaine & Ian Mortimer visited us from Australia . . . . . . . . . . . .Davida, Nigel & David in the courtyard . Martina Navratilova at Wimbledon

Joanna continued at Queen Mary's & Stephen at Winchester up until the summer of 1990 & 1991 respectively .

qm-play julie-jo winch-study
A Queen Mary's play
Julie, daughter Michelle & Jo
Stephen in his study with David

Both sets of grandparents came to Henley with us in different years?

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I was included in a 1990 book of British Women cefs



My parents had moved to Boughton.

boughton1 .boughton2

More photos in 1989

A recession hit the business really badly: then we discovered Barclays Bank was charging us for their annual inspection whan two executives enjoyed a slap up lunch with us!l and they also charged for sending us a Christmas card!!!

Tanya, the daughter of Davida & Nigel, got married in the Chadlington church

tanya1 . tanya2

In September , Margaret & Martin had a party for their 25th wedding anniversary In their garden in New Southgate


In October, my godfather, Harry Payne, was buried in Bramcote Church . Photo below of him & Eva in Ashton garden a few years earlier

harry-eva. harry-1990 .

David and I went to the Ferringhi Beach Hotel, Penang in November : rather a downmarket place, so we used to take a bus every morning to the Rasa Sayang Hotel, purchase their sumptious breakfast and then use their pool all day!! Took a trip up to the Malaysian Highlands with its vast tea plantations

fer1 fer2 fer3
fer4 lake-house fer6 fer5

My parents celebrated their Golden Wedding on 15/12/1990 ( 1 day late) at Chadlington Manor, ~ 70 guests. I had wanted them to have 2 smaller celebrations, but No: I worried about it for the preceeding 9 months!!.



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A few days after the big party, Joanna went missing . My father found her in 'Crisis for Christmas' in London


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