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Having moved into Chadlington Manor in October 1988, we worked hectically to have it opened as a restaurant and 7 bedroom hotel by the spring of 1989/ Unfortunately we hired an architect who turned out to be bad news. Also theTax Authotities refused our attempt to 'roll over' the business from Kirkby Fleetham.





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David transformed the inner patio area into an idyllic rest area

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July saw us attending Henley again. I helped Daphne provide the catering, getting up at 4 am to get everything ready for dinner before we went!

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Ortrud came to stay for 3 weeks in the summer holidays. We took her down to the Clarkes in Hereford. Joanna started to see Dr.James at the Radcliffe - broke my finger there!

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Hazel and Paul celebrated their 25th anniversary in New College on 29/7/1989

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My parents moved to Stable Lodge, Boughton, ~1989

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