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Early in January we had a family holiday at Barbados Beach Village, in a pleasamt self-catering appartment. .

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I bought plamtains rather than bavavas to make a banana loaf!! . Joanna run away and there was a police search! But it was a nice place!
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We had a quick break visiting Joyce & Richard in Conneticutt. We saw a meer cat and went to a fashion show

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Julie got married. We provided them with champagne on the lawn - our girls serving it: several guests wanted more and more!!. Then we went to the reception - the men stripping down to ttheir rolled up shirt sleeves. Sadly the marriage did not last.

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Margaret and family came up - likely just the once, and Kate stayed to do a work placement: she was studying Hospitality in London. This 1985/1986. Sally and Geoff seemed to have visited in the rain, and we had a lovely day up at the Wagers ( Aysgarth parents) near Jedburgh: sadly that marriage also petered out, their 3? children being almost grown up when it did. They took Stephen on holiday to Cornwall with their son Andrew one year.

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Cottages completed- we moved into Apple Blossom . Bob & Carole Clarke, plus Becky & Gina, came most summer holidays. Carolyn Ramsey took over some of the cooking load from me: her husband Ian was a flight controller at RAF Leeming . All the cousins celebrated the arrival of Sam & Tom. And another Aysgarth Sports Day with the Readys.

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David's parents came over from N.I. for a visit, Catherine staying as well

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Their car with Granny, Catherine, David, Stephen & Joanna outside the renovated cottages


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.We went to New Zealand for our November holiday, hiring a camper van there

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