We sold Springwells in the Spring and signed the contract to buy Kirkby Fleethem Hall, near Northallerton : we moved up there at the start of August, into one of the cottages in the grounds, but did not actually complete- for mutual convenience - until late October

The new owners of Springwells were somewhat work shy, and soon sold it- on our figures!!


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Meanwhile, we lived for a few weeks in the staff cottage opposite Springwells, then went to Ireland, and after that to the States, & finally camping in France

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In Ireland we stayed with Grannie and Ba at Killinchy for a while before heading south. We stayed at 2 charming old fashioned country house hotels, one with impressive family silver. We were held up by cows at time!

Photos from our visit to Disneyworld where Mickey & Minnie were likely purchased, are, incorrectly, at the end of 1979

Then to France where we stayed at 2 Euro Camp campsites: tents and equipment provided. The first one in the Dordogne was spacious, but at the next one on the south coast, we were packed in like ferrets!. So we took advantage of the hire of a boat for a few days. Unfortunately the Tramontin blew up all of a sudden, and David had a struggle lowering the sails and getting us safely into a harbour, where we were than trappd for at least 48 hours

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We then moved into a delapidated cottage in the grounds of Kirkby Fleetham Hall in August - exchange of contracts not taking place until late October, which suited both us and the Passeys

The children started at Kirkby Fleetham School in September. There were only 2 teachers, so they were in the same form for a year. Toilets were outside . David and I started painting the outside of the Hall

kf-arrived .kF-cottage .children01m

We started painting the outside of the Hall before actually owning it. Then moved in in October.


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