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David's parents came over to inspect Springwells

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We went to California, landing in Los Angeles ( after a forced overnight in San Francisco), hiring a car and driving up to San Francisco,its hills, trams and a boat trip to Alcatraz. Then to Yosemite - some access roads blocked by snow - and through Death Valley( nearly run out of petrol!) to Las Vegas. Then Phoenix and the Grand Canyon

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Finally to Disneyland: I loved 'It's a small world'!

Stephen had attended a private school nearby the hotel for the summer term of 1977. I was very unhappy with it, and David, very preoccupied with the running of our new venture, was finally convinced about the rigidity of it when he attended their prize giving. Then I managed to get Stephen into Mrs Hollis' playschool , near Brampton, for the start of the autumn term, Joanna following in 197 . So we attended 2 Sports Days there, 1978 and 1979 : Joanna was unhappy, to say the least, at both of them . Photos of her unhappiness at that wretched sack race for the 2 years are all together here

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We took the children on the Bluebell Railway at least twice. I also used to take them to Haywards Heath's swimming pool to learn to swim and go under water to meet Davy Jones. And we used to go to country houses, which both had magnificent grounds for them to explore, and... served wondrous high teas!!

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And we were never short of bar stockers!

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