Life in 1977

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We visited Bob, Carole, Becky & Gina at Bodenham. Were happy at Pooh Corner , our newly named house in Sheen
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A visit by Di, Tony & Thomas
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And a visit to Gill, Martin, Sean & Sarah - a day out at Chester zoo
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Nephew Jamie Rainsbury was christened in the spring

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Sue, Christopher, Fiona & Jamie. . . David, Christopher, Jo & Stephen

We sold Sheen to an Arab about Easter, having decided to buy Springwells, Steyning, an up market restaurant with 5 rooms. We decamped to my parents at Ashton whilst awaiting exchange of Contracts & Completion. Whilst we were there Rob Hermans, the M D of Philip Morris heard about our new venture and sacked David on the spot. But at year end, P M had to reach a financial settlement with David , as the sacking was without justification. Thus a boost to our income , and, . . .I could never have run Springwells by myself, even for a few months

Our small cottage in Steyning now became Pooh Corner. For photos of Steyning see 1978/9

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We had a holiday in the Algarve in November, renting a very pleasant villa and celebrating Stephen's 4th birthday whilst we were there

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Nicola, Richard, Joyce, Gillian & Joanna Soper in their garden at Martingales Close . Also our Jo

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