Having arrived in Friedrichsdorf 3 days before Christmas, 1974, we only actually stayed there ~5 months

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33m balcony ste-round jo-fried fried
There was a lovely playground down below the flat and we used to explore the surrounding scenic towns and countryside each weekend.

In May 1975, David was appointed Marketing Director in the UK ( after a near posting to Nigeria!) and we moved back to England. .

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above photos 1976

Joanna was christened soon after we moved to Sheen- actually in January 1976 . Gillian, Carole and Tony were godparents

baptism sheen23 bapt2 sheen21m

When we left Germany in May 1975, our house in Woking was still rented out for a couple of months. So we stayed with David's parents for a while at Killinchy, David commuting weekly to work with Philip Morris in London. During this time I had the scar on my knee redone in Belfast- but the result was much the same!! . And after this we had a holiday for 2 weeks in the south of Ireland ,staying in 2 different places, visiting Grants Castle : old Stephen Grant ( 1812-1897) had lived with his 12 children, as gatekeeper on the Woodlawn Estate, in the Gatehouse Tower; we also revisited his abandoned grave in Kilconnell ( we had first discovered this a few years earlier). We stayed in Donegal- and met a priest from Liverpool! - and along the west coast. We seem to have enjoyed a lot of picnics!!

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We moved from Woking to 33 West Temple, Sheen on 11/11/1975- the coldest day of the year - photos in 1976 . Removers were not happy and I had to call the office to ask David to come home early!!. Stephen must have had his 2nd birthday cake a few days late, at the Sopers. Di and Tony, with Thomas, visited soon afterwards

ste-2birth di-tony sheen2 ham1 ham2


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Visited the Chessington Amusement Park with the Sopers .


christmas-75 .

Photo taken at the Sopers in Martingales Close, Ham

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