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c-d-s car ver1 ski
Chris,David & Stephen
the company Jaguar
Mum & Chris in Verbier chalet
David ready for the pistes

Quite a few photos on 1973 actually belong here

David's parents came over when I came out of hospital, still on crutches for several weeks

The company flat, overlooking Lac Leman, was really luxurious - worth the wait after the awful bedsits that we had been offered!

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A beautiful city in which to live . A cheerful, contented baby


We hired a Blue Line boat from Carcasonne on the Canal du Midi in April- I think I was still using crutches!


canal1 canal2 canal midi5
midi1 midi2 midi3 midi4 canal4

David's parents came out to Lausanne, as did Nigel & Alison . The parents loved the picnic with Staffan & Civ.

. picnic3

picnic1 lake-74 ste-spring chalet2 pers1
m-d-74 picnic2 pers12 pers2 picnic4
swi16 swi19 swi20 swi23 swi29


Back in England to see friends and stay with my parents

swi11 52m alison1 verbier-m alison2
dad pool2 pool di-ashton jo-soper-ste

We visited Ireland & England in the August for Fiona's and Dick's wedding in Killinchy and to baptise Stephen from Joyce's & Richard's in Ham Church . Richard, Mike & Carol were godparents. Stephen was walking soon after Jo was born at the end of September

fi1 fi2 fi3
fi4 fi5 fi6

. .ste-cake

Joanna was born on 28/9/1974 in Clinique Les Charmettes, Lausanne: I had been admitted there about 10 days previously when my waters broke. They were hoping to prevent her being born for about 5 weeks, to give her a better chance of survival, as she was not due until mid November. I had had to stay as still as possible, and had persuaded the doctors to allow our German teacher to give us lessons there, these having been interuotedL David was due to transfer to Germany on October 1st. She was immediately transferred to an incubator in the hospital and I did not see her for a couple of days. She stayed in the incubator for 10 weeks, during which time she stopped breathing hundreds of times; one tweaked her toes to restart her breathing!. During this time, David flew to Frankfurt every Monday, returning every Friday, I would visit the hospital daily, there being a Pouponnerie- with an English employee- where Stephen could happily play . About 10 days before Christmas Joanna was discharged and we rented the same appartment in Verbier for a week so that David could get some skiing . Some friends of David, Andrew & Carmen, plus their 5 & 2 year olds, also came : so I was left for many hours each day looking after 4 under 5s!: this did save me worrying about Joanna stopping breathing!!

We moved to Friedrichsdorf, near Bad Homburg on 23/12/1974. During the time David had been working in Frankfurt since the start of October, he had found us a lovely flat in Friedrichsdorf and equiped it from Ikea

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Happy Days inspite of worries about Joanna's apnea
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