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In May we had a wondrous holiday from Mombasa, via Zanzibar, to several islands in the Seychelles , aboard the Lindblad Explorer


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Continued living at Woking with me commuting to Heathrow, David to Johnson Wax at Frimley Green. Sometime we sold the Commer Imp van and bought a red mini . Sally & Geoff visited us there, also the relatives!

sal-geo sal2 di tintern


Went up to Oxford to collect our M.As and went to Phil's wedding
ma1 ma2 ma3 phil

Lynne, Gerry and Michelle came from Australia

lynn1 lyn4 lyn2 lyn5 lyn3

I took my mother to Detroit, to vist her brother, Lionel, and family. It took a lot of persuasion to get Lionel to drive us to the Niagara Falls! My the steaks were large in restaurants!!

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We visited Barbados several times in the years 1970-1973. Then we would fly on to other islands like Trinidad & Tobago, Antigua or St Lucia


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We also had a £19 holiday in the Phoenicia Hotel in Valletta, Malta: their premier, Mintoff, had succeeded in killing their tourist industry. By flying from Birmingham, rather than Heathrow, we saved £6 on the £25 offer! We hired a car and had a wondrous week

mal1 mal2 mal3 mal6
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Gill and Martin and Sian visited us in Woking

sian10 .

Another trip to Kenya, escorting school children back to England at the end


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