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1970. Flew round the world courtesy of BOAC staff travel - I had started working there as a programer on 1/1/1969. We visited Hawai ( off loaded!) Fiji, New Zealand , Australia & Hongkong. I kept a diary of this holiday: it is in a red hard backed book



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haw2 haw4 fij1 fij2


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Work mate Diana Mollett married Tony Hill in Lincolnshire

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Cousin David Payne married Frances in Bramcote Church . Another marriage that ended in bitterness

payne3. payne1 .payne2

Later this year we sold New Malden and bought a brand new house, one of 4, at the end of Horsell Crescent, Woking . There was a very old Covenant on the land saying that only 2 houses could be built on it: although we could cover for this with a cheap insurance, our solicitor, Alan Coles from Northampton, was dead against it!: I ended up saying I was never going to move again!! For many weeks I used to get to work early and stay late at the end to make all the phone calls that were needed


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Later in the year we had our first trip to Kenya, escorting school children back to England at the start of the September term. I got 3 days' accommodation in the Nairobi Pan Afric hotel, and we tagged a few days on beforehand and drove to Tsavo East National Park . The monkeys got our lunch! And we were stopped for some time on the way back to Nairobi to allow Kenyatta's calvalcade to speed through!

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tsa5 tsavo-lodge ken1 tsa2
tsa3 tsa4 mon1 mon3
mon2 tsa1 kenyatta ele



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