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English Electric became part of ICL and my office was moved to Holborn in 1968. David and I would commute together to Waterloo in the mornings, often running along the footpath towards New Malden station as we heard the train behind us. Then we would walk over Waterloo Bridge, David continuing on to Fleet Street.

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1968-1971. We bought 4 houses, one at a time, in Oxford, 2 o f them on Southmoor Road, below . Went up to Oxford most weekends, directly after work, and converted them into student bedsits, returning late on the Sunday night. Slept on lilos and had our camping stove. David made basic furniture for the rooms, which we painted in bright colours. I made curtains and fitted bedspreads. Owned these houses until about 1977, probably using the money to help buy Springwells


1968. I was godmother to Margaret's 1st born, Kate on 28/4/1968


1968. Drove up to the North Cape and back down through Finland, camping- all in 2-3 weeks

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We took the car ferry to Gothenburg from Hull, then all the way up the west coast of Norway to the North Cape. The coastal road was a series of road sections each interspersed by a car ferry. One night while camping in the middle of nowhere, we were woken by a passing driver, who warned us of flash floods, so we moved our tent to higher ground. The drive across the North Cape island was on a muddy, slippery track which was difficult to navigate in our van that did not have 4 wheel drive. However we eventually got to the Cape, and were astonished at what we saw, given the road we had just driven across. A large modern cafe, with picture windows facing north towards the midnight sun - and full of people. The place was clearly primarily to serve cruise ship passengers, who got there the easy way, with their ships just tying up at the base of the cliffs. A few hours here to take it all in, then back down the muddy track and the car ferry back to the mainland. Then back south through Finland, its thousand lakes mainly obscured by trees, with a car ferry to Stockholm, and back from Gothenburg

http://www.davidgrant.org/holidays/1968/north-cape/north-cape-1968.html has more photos



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