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Having been given the option of taking Prelims in March 1964, or of taking Mods once up at Oxford, in the summer of 1965 : I chose the former, and thus returned to school for the winter term of 1964 to study for these. Was recommended to read Feynmann's books by Somerville. Once I had taken prelims I went to work in Paintons, down in Kingsthorpe. I was meant to be helping the physicist there, but spent most of the 12 weeks wiring and soldiering resistors!- it did give me an insight into how deadly boring factory work was. But I was working with a nice bunch of ladies and going out a couple of times a week with David Dicks.


School Photo taken June 1964, 3 months after I had left!- but shows the teachers, and Sally, Margaret , Ann Hollowell & Jane Green


Mrs Gee, Miss Marsden, Miss Sinton, Mrs Nichols, Miss Willis, ?, Miss Line


Miss Jaques, ?, Miss Moore, ? Mrs Richards, Miss Harrison


Sally, Margaret & Ann Hollowell


Jane Green & Miss Middleton

Dad was Master of the Honor Dei Lodge that year

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Hazel married Paul Richardson on 29/7/1964 in New College Chapel. I was a bridesmaid


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wedd1 p-h chris-maid
Arriving in the college- Dad & Hazel
Paul, Hazel & Dad
Chris & Hazel


aud-clive den-joyce hazel wedd2  
Clive & Audrey
Dennis & Joyce
Mum & Hazel
richardsons chris-sally c-h chris-dicks  
Eileen, J & D
Chris & Sally
Chris & Hazel
Chris &David Dicks


maynards bridesmaids group
Paul's parents & Chris
Maz, Christine Grange & Chris
Harry, Eva, Harold, Hilda, Joyce & Eileen

Then in October I went up to Somerville to read Physics. Initially Jane Wreford was also doing Physics but she changed to Chemistry within a few weeks. We had to spemd 2/3 mornings each week in the laboratory and when Jane quit I was landed with Bob Summerscales as a partner there. Luckily David Grant took pity on me and by the end of the year we became practical partners. My room in Somerville was in the West building, and my friends became Margaret McDonald, my next door neighbour, JaneWreford, Linda Ackroyd and Gill Lipsham, the 1st 3 chemists, Gill a bio chemist

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