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As Margaret's father died of cancer and as Hazel was off doing her own thing, Margaret came with us in the caravan to Pisa, Florence and an Italian beach

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Went to a Guide Camp at Castle Ashby when we got back. I had been learning to drive since April and had taken a driving test just before the camp: received the result whilst at camp, and,... I had failed: this was a shock, but I soon took it again and passed.


1960 V1th form group at NHS - Sally sittinglright Elizabeth Penn next to her, Anne Berwick behind her

1962, A field trip for a meteorology Course in Haverford West.


Had anoher exchange with Roseline: think I travelled straight to Paris from London. Then she came back to Ashton later, joining me at the guide camp at Castle Ashby

Back to school to do my final year for ALs

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