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The parents used to give yearly parties, Mum cooking for days beforehand . Once the attached garage was converted into a Utility room, the food was laid out there



1960. I stayed for 6 weeks with Lily & Jean Brandeleer at 204 Chaussee de Waterloo, Brussels: this to improve my French in anticipation of O.Levels in 1961 . I kept a diary, in French of course, of this time, which I still have in a red book.

We might also had have a family holiday in Eastbourne : the Brookes- my Uncle Dennis Lyons was married to Joyce Brookes.


c-m .parents-caravan



I need pictures of school: school plays; guide camps; one of Jenny; history outings;

marg-guide .marg1 . marg2 .marg3

Although Margaret was in a different Guide company to me, we did our 6 mile expedition - for the first class badge?- together, walking to Brixton church, calling in at Mrs Richards en route. We got drenched!. I wrote this up in a scrapbbok that I kept for years- but now seems to have vanished!

Mistresses can be seen in 1964 school photo.


LVP. Ann Woodcock ( Long dead) is in the back at the middle. Sally is on the back row standing one from the end towards the science block. Gabriella Feibush ( Margaret’s friend) is sitting on the grass sort of third row back one from the end towards the science block.


Photos of the inside of Ashton ?

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