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Penfriend Roseline Digard came for 3 weeks near the end of the Summer term. . . . . .Group photo from Sally- she 2nd from left on the back row

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Cousin Audrey got married to Clive Ball: Hazel and I were bridesmaids . My first pair of high heels!

Then we dropped Roseline back at her country house in Coupvray/ Compiegne before heading down to the Costa Brava in the caravan

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We stayed in a campsite in Blanes. Enjoyed the local markets. Dad was very uneasy with having Germans as neighbours in the camp. Toilets left a lot to be desired! Had a day in Barcelona, saw Gaudi's Sacrado Familia and went to a bullfight


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On the return journey I think I travelled across country from Orleans to Nantes by train and was picked up by Roseline and her father there. Then spent a week with all her family in a Maison Familiale before returning to Paris for another 2 weeks - must reread correspondence: have kept all her letters

After much practice at picking up a brick from the bottom of the Mounts swimming pool, I obtained my Life Saving Bronze Medaillon


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