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We moved from Herongate Road to 'Eastwood', 6 Worcester Crescent, Woodford Green in the summer of 1953. In September I started at Woodford Green Primary School, Hazel at Woodford County High School

wood-gn-primary wood-gn-prim 1953-2
Woodfoord Green Primary and, across the common, the church hall which was our final year classroom. . Chris outside the school in 2008



I walked through an alleyway off Worcester Crescent, up Monkhams Drive, left along Monkhams Lane towards the church, then across part of the green to a zebra crossing, then to the school just north of this main road: probably a 15 minute walk.

Photos above of the school and the side of the United Reform Church- across the common/green- where we had our final year classroom . In the 1950s the common was part of our playground, and where we played rounders and the boys played cricket and football . We listened to quite a few Schools programs on the radio: like 'How things began' and 'History today'.



brand-53 53 hazel-phil brownie-53 53a  
Dad, C & Jacques
Philippa & Hazel
Hazel, John L & Chris
Dad, H, Mum, C & Jacques

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I changed Brownie packs- and became a Gnome- to that at All Saints Church, and also went to Sunday School there.


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In the middle of the crescent right opposite our house was a huge expanse of rhododendrons: playing in the midst of these was great fun. Unfortunately, google shows me the rhodos are no more - photos above from Google,~2019


Photo taken in 2008


Hazel thinks we went on holiday to Wales, near Bangor in 1953- but maybe 1954?? She will look for photos

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