Chris Grant

Since moving to Spain in 2007, my life revolves mainly around travel, finding out who my ancestors were, learning to master both the Spanish language and the game of Bridge, swimming and, initially, a little tennis and yoga. The links below reflect some of these interests. Have even investigated ancestry for friends.

Photo resume of our lives in

snow 2006-cycle 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
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Resume of Holidays 1965-2006 - no photos

Places visited in Spain 2004 onwards

cycling torres
pyr-chris volendam antartica tuscany cuba
. Australia 2008
anghor-watt gallipoli sligo magic-carpet taj titanic
Egypt-India 2012
antartica namibia madrid turkmen scotland port-arthur getaway mendoza
guggen pem-hall aitutaki boys casona-paca lightning pierre
South Seas 2014 West Africa 2015
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joanna c-d gay-chris crossing fi-david elsal malta1 david-norcia
England & Malta
silver-cloud pemb gay-vic maten eng oporto c-d-baobabs villas
sicily bull-teruel waw anda1        


Summary of holidays 1965-2004

Also, in much less detail and with photos extracted from old slides:

1973 Lindblad Explorer. Life in Switzerland
1974 Life & Canal du Midi. Germany
1975 Ireland. Arles. Sheen
1976 Life. Texas
1977 Life. Brazil Portugal
1978 Life. California.
1979 Life. Florida
1980 Ireland. Life. . France
1981 Life
1982 USA
1983 Life . Lanzarote . St Kitts-Nevis
1984 Life . Saba-Statia . Madeira
1985 Life. Mustique
1986 Life. Barbados(& 1987 Grenada)
1987 Kenya- no slides
1988 France
1990 Chadlington Joan & Frank Golden
1994 Chadlington Jane & Alan Golden
1996 Corisande
2004 Life. Spain

Countries visited

Sites I have created on the following topics. ..


Bridge Notes

Other related sites are Corisande and David Grant