Ann Lang 1810-1845

1810. Ann Lang was baptised on 8/10/1810 to John Lang & Grace Broadlick, in Maker, Cornwall. Maker just across the bay to the W of Plymouth

1831. Ann Lang married John Knight on 25/10/1831 in Stoke Damerel, Devon . Ancestry England select marriages- no image given

Stoke Damerel is a part of Plymouth: a long way from 2 possible Devon birth for Ann Lang in 1811 in Hatherleigh & in 1812 in Brampford Speke - so unable to determine Ann's parents

1839. Fanny Knight was baptised 22/12/1839 in Haggeston to Ann & John Knight, he a Woollen Broker . Address Maidstone Street


1841C. John Knight is living Maidstone Street, St Leonards Shoreditch . Entry too faint to determine John's occupation , but we know he was a woollen broker . Neither John nor Ann born in Mddx

John Knight Male 40 1801 -  
Ann Knight Female 30 1811 -  
John Knight Male 8 1833 Middlesex, England  
Mary Knight Female 5 1836 Middlesex, England  
Fanny Knight Female 1 1840 Middlesex, England

1845 . John Knight, of Maidstone Street, aged 50, is buried on 30/1/1845 in St Mary Haggeston

1845 .His widow, Ann Knight, of Maidstone Street, aged 34, is buried on 13/4/1845 in St Mary Haggeston

The 2 daughters are taken in by an aunt & uncle down in Devon, Joseph & Elizabeth Collins: I have proved that Ann & Elizabeth were sisters: both baptised to John & Grace Lang, Ann in Maker, Cornwall, Elizabeth in Portsea