James Stuart 1818- 1898

1818. James Stuart was baptised on 22/2/1818 to James Stuart & Ann Gillott - Ancestry West Yorkshire Births & baptisms . Called James Ford Stuart on Magregor Watson Ancestry family tree

1841C. . Likely James Steward, 20, dyer Westgate Collier Row Silkstone Ecclesfield . Record seems to be written Stewart . His mother likely died before 1837.

John Hinchcliffe Male 45 1796 Yorkshire, England  
Ann Hinchcliffe Female 40 1801 Yorkshire, England  
John Hinchcliffe Male 18 1823 Yorkshire, England  
Thos Hinchcliffe Male 14 1827 Yorkshire, England  
Chas Hinchcliffe Male 12 1829 Yorkshire, England  
Benjn Hinchcliffe Male 8 1833 Yorkshire, England  
James Steward Male 20 1821 Yorkshire, England


1843. James Stuart, 25,marries Jane Cooper 24, on 31/12/1843 in the parish church of Darfield.. Address of both Ardsley. His father james Stuart, labourer, hers William Cooper, labourer. Both seemed to sign. Ann Cooper & Matthew Belk were witnesses

1851C. Yet to find on FMP . Very water stained on Ancestry. James, 33, is a journeyman dyer, b. Barnsley, Jane b. Shafton, Elizabeth B. Ardsley, last 2 born Barnsley . Ardsley just 2 m E of Barnsley. Shafton ~5m NE of Barnsley

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James & Jane had children Elizabeth 1846, George Barker 1849, William Barker1851, Charlotte Barker 1853, Emma 1856 and Frederick 1858

Where does the name Barker come from? There is a marriage of a David Cooper to Edith Barker in Whitby 1813, but no baptism found to them of a Jane Cooper

1859 His wife, Jane Stewart, dies Barnsley Dec 1859, leaving him with 6 children, aged 0-12. No burials on FMP

1861C.James Stuart, 43, Mitchells Yard, 7 Queen Street, Barnsley

James Stuart Head Widower Male 43 1818 Linen And Cotton Dyer Barnsley, Yorkshire, England  
Elizabeth Stuart Daughter Unmarried Female 14 1847 - Barnsley, Yorkshire, England  
George Stuart Son Unmarried Male 12 1849 - Barnsley, Yorkshire, England  
William Stuart Son Unmarried Male 10 1851 - Barnsley, Yorkshire, England  
Charlotte Stuart Daughter Unmarried Female 8 1853 - Barnsley, Yorkshire, England  
Emma Stuart Daughter Unmarried Female 5 1856 - Barnsley, Yorkshire, England  
Fredrick Stuart Son Unmarried Male 2 1859 - Barnsley, Yorkshire, England

1871C.James Stuart, 53, widower, linen & cotton dyer, Queen Street Court, Barnsley

James Stuart Head - Male 53 1818 - Yorkshire, England

What has happened to his younger children??

1881C.James Stuart, 63, widower, linen & cotton dyer, 14 Gas Nook, Barnsley

James Stewart Head Widower Male 63 1818 Linen And Cotton Dyer Barnsley, Yorkshire, England

1891C.James Stewart, 73, widower, inmate- Barnsley Union Workhouse . Dyer- linen & cotton.

1898. James Stuart, 80, dies Barnsley Dec 1898