Margaret A Beverley 1868-1950

Born Burton on Trent, daughter of a brewery labourer, became a district nurse, & married, late in life, a journalist

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1868.Margaret A Beverley born 27/8/1868 . Burton Sep 1868 . Parents John Beverley & Elizabeth Higgins

1871C. Margaret A BeverleyClarence Street, Burton Extra, Burton on Trent . John a Brewery labourer

John Beverley Head - Male 33 1838 - lymm Regis Norfolk, England  
Elizabeth Beverley Wife - Female 29 1842 - Ware Hertfordshire,  
John Edward Beverley Son - Male 7 1864 - Burton Staffordshire, England  
George S Beverley Son - Male 6 1865 - Burton Staffordshire, England  
Margaret A Beverley Daughter - Female 2 1869 - Burton Staffordshire, England  
Florence E Beverley Daughter - Female 0 1871 - Burton Staffordshire, England

1874. Margaret Beverley, birth 27/8/1868, father John Beverley, of 32 Clarence Street, was admitted to Christ Church School [girls], Burton - FMP

1881C. Margaret A Beverley, 12, is living 14 Bearwood Hill Road, Winshill, , Burton on Trent . Difference in birthplaces for Elizabeth & the 2 eldest children!

John Beverley Head Married Male 43 1838 Brewers Labourer Norfolk, England  
Elizabeth Beverley Wife Married Female 42 1839 - Ireland  
John E Beverley Son Single Male 18 1863 Apprentice To Tinman Stapenhill, Derbyshire, England  
George S Beverley Son Single Male 16 1865 Brewers Labourer Stapenhill, Derbyshire, England  
Margaret A Beverley Daughter Single Female 12 1869 Scholar Burton, Staffordshire, England  
Florence E Beverley Daughter Single Female 10 1871 Scholar Burton, Staffordshire, England  
Rosa C Beverley Daughter Single Female 6 1875 Scholar Burton, Staffordshire, England  
Emily M Beverley Daughter Single Female 2 1879 - Burton, Staffordshire, England


1891C. Margaret Beverly. 22, general servant is living Cheetham Hil Road, Cheetham, Prestwich, Lancs

Thos Lockwood Head Married Male 54 1837 Fruiterer Harlington, Yorkshire, England  
Ann Lockwood Wife Married Female 54 1837 - Elsecar, Yorkshire, England  
Albert C Lockwood Son Single Male 21 1870 Fruiterers Assistant Doncaster, Yorkshire, England  
Margaret Beverly Servant Single Female 22 1869 General Servant Domestic Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England

1901C. Margaret Beverley, 30, district nurse, is living 22 Welbeck Street, Mansfield

Joseph Wright Head Married Male 54 1847 Iron Moulder Long Clawson, Leicestershire, England  
Mary Wright Wife Married Female 53 1848 - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England  
Alfred T Wright Son Single Male 22 1879 Engine Stoker Railway Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England  
Horace W Wright Son Single Male 19 1882 Clerk Lace Warehouse Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England  
Edith K Wright Daughter Single Female 16 1885 Monitress School Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England  
Joseph Wright Daughter Single Female 13 1888 Hosiery Errand Boy Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England  
Margarett Beverley Boarder Single Female 30 1871 District Nurse Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England


Margaret Beverley ~1900

1904. Margaret Beverley, ~36, married George H Hall Burton Mar 1904

George Henry Hall Jr (Joiner) married Margaret Beverley on 21 April 1904 (both aged 35) at St Paul’s Church, Burton-upon-Trent. His address at the time: 116 Ferry Street, Stapenhill, Burton-upon-Trent.

Margaret's father: John Beverley, brewery labourer.


1906. Edward Hall is born 2/7/1906 Burton on Trent to George Henry & Margaret - their only child

1911C.Margeret Hall, 42, is living in 4 rooms at 89 Hollow/Hallow Lane, Winshill, Burton on Trent. Married 6 years, 1 child

Henry Hall Head Married Male Carpenter 42 1869 Warwick Birmingham  
Margeret Hall Wife Married Female - 42 1869 Stafford Burton on Trent  
Edward Hall Son - Male - 4 1907 Stafford Burton on Trent

1930. Henry Hall, 61, died at 1 Robert Avenue, Sutton Road, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire on 26/1/1930 . He left ~£470

I’m not sure when my Dad and his mother Margaret moved from Robert Avenue to the new house called “Amanda”, Garth Road (the house was first given the number 21 when I was about 12, I think - it was a new road, still without tarmac, when I was very small).  Clearly they moved after my grandfather’s death in 1930, but I’m not sure whether they were already in Garth Road when my parents married in 1937.  My mother seemed to know the house in Robert Avenue, so it’s possible she too lived there for a while

1939 Register Margaret A Hall, widow, born 27/8/1868, is living Amanda, Garth Road , Mansfield . Her husband dead.

Edward Hall 02 Jul 1906 Male Newspaper Reporter Married 116 1
Marguerite Hall 29 Dec 1905 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married 116 2
Margaret A Hall 27 Aug 1868 Female Unpaid Domestic Duti Widowed 116

1950. Margaret A Hall likely died, aged 82, Mansfield Dec 1950- no probate

"She was extremely strait-laced and respectable, and had brought up my Dad, Edward, to be like that too".

Did she live with your parents all the time 1939-1950? Had she been since ~1930? Were you 2 born at the same address? Do you have her death cert?

Does Susan vaguely remember her presence?