Mariam Zorer 1811-1855

1811. Born 8/11/1811, father Margar Zorer, in Calcutta.


She l had a brother, Zorer M. Zorer 1808-1839. Her mother dies when she is 4 on 21/6/1815 , 'the lady of M. Zorer' . Mr M. Zorer, 65, died Calcutta 1837 - thus 1772-1835 - all on Fibis

1827. Mariam Zorer married Chater Paul Chater 25/10/1827 Bengal Presidency- Fibis -Calcutta.

1829. Anna Chater was born 21/4/1829 in Calcutta to Chater Paul Chater & his wife, Mariam .

Other children, supposedly 12 others : Paul Chater 1831-1854; Sarah Amelia Chater - 26/5/1833-10/6/1857; maybe, Mary Chater 1841-1861 from photo of graves in Gregory Park, Calcutta; Catchick Paul Chater 1846- 1926; Joseph Chater

States in a youtube video( ) that her husband was a secretary to the government

1830. C P Chater listed as Asst to Assignees of Palmer & Co, 12 Armenian Street - from there are ~130 males listed, mostly with jobs, all with residence

Marcar Zorer, Asst. Secretarial Office, 12 Armenian Street- he almost certainly the father of Miriam Zorer,as his residence is with Chater Paul Chater



1844. Mrs C P Chater had a daughter, Calcutta-Fibis

1846. Cathick Paul Chater born Calcutta 8/9/1846 - does his baptism exist, and that of a younger brother Joseph?? Mrs C P Chater had a son 9/9/1846, Calcutta-Fibis

1848.Mrs C P Chater had a daughter on 2/7/1848, Calcutta-Fibis

1851. Mrs C P Chater had a son on 31/8/1851, Calcutta-Fibis - maybe Joseph

1853. Chater Paul Chater Drowned Hooghi River Nr Calcutta, India 31/1/1853

1855. Mariam Chater died 24/7/1855

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