Mary Isabella Peatfield 1884-1956

She was effectively my only surviving Granny. She lived about ten minutes walk from us; she lived with her lodger Teddy Clarkson ('Mr C') in a large end-of-terrace house. They were both warm and loving people. There were crocuses in the front garden. She kept our Snakes-and-Ladders game and our Tiddlywinks in the built-in cupboard in their living room. Her kitchen was very spartan, with a shallow stoneware sink; it smelled wonderfully of apples. She showed me how to make scrambled eggs. She died of breast cancer when I was seven. She was the archetypal Granny of that period, indulgent and loving, her hair in a bun. 

Mr C lived on alone at the house after her death. He was originally from Leeds, and he worked at Thompson House printing newspapers. I think he was a bit in love with my mother. He loved solitary country walks, and he died aged 56 while walking in the Horseshoe Pass. He was a man of principles; there was a family story that he helped German Jews get valuables out of Germany in the '30s; I wish I could confirm this and have his name permanently honoured in Jerusalem.

1884. Mary Isabella Peatfield was born to Thomas Peatfield & Martha Morris Prestwich Dec 1884. Her father probably a Warehouseman

1891C.Mary Peatfield Broughton Lane, Broughton, Salford

Thomas Peatfield Head Married Male 50 1841 Provision Warehouseman Lancashire, England
Martha Peatfield Wife Married Female 50 1841 Registry Office Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Margaret Peatfield Daughter Single Female 22 1869 Machinist Lancashire, England
Marian Peatfield Daughter Single Female 20 1871 - Lancashire, England
Thomas Peatfield Son Single Male 18 1873 Clerk Lancashire, England
Martha Peatfield Daughter Single Female 16 1875 - Lancashire, England
Arthur Peatfield Son Single Male 12 1879 Scholar -
Emily Peatfield Daughter - Female 9 1882 Scholar -
Mary Peatfield Daughter - Female 6 1885 Scholar -
Elizabeth Morris Sister Married Female 42 1849 At Home London, Middlesex, England


1901C.Mary I Peatfield, 16 and not yet working, 58 Bury New Road, North Manchester, Prestwich

Thomas Peatfield Head Married Male 61 1840 Warehouseman Provisions Lancashire, England
Martha Peatfield Wife Married Female 61 1840 Draper . .own account . at home Ireland
Marion Peatfield Daughter Single Female 30 1871 - Oldham, Lancashire, England
Thomas C Peatfield Son Single Male 28 1873 Accountants Clerk On Railway Oldham, Lancashire, England
Arthur M Peatfield Son Single Male 22 1879 Butchers Assistant Manchester, Lancashire, England
Emily J Peatfield Daughter Single Female 19 1882 Drapers Saleswoman Manchester, Lancashire, England
Mary J Peatfield Daughter - Female 16 1885 - Manchester, Lancashire, England
Reginald W Percival Grand Son - Male 3 1898 - Cheshire, England


1911C. Mary Isabella Peatfield, 26, and still no occupation -curious- 211 Great Cheatham St, West Broughton, Salford. Parents married 44 years, 8 children, 1 dead

Thomas Peatfield Head Married Male 70 1841 Provision Whitefield Lanc
Martha Peatfield Wife Married Female 69 1842 Registry Office Dublin Irleand Resident
Marion Peatfield Daughter Single Female 39 1872 - Oldham Lanc
Cecilia Peatfield Daughter Single Female 28 1883 Drapery Dis Manchester Lanc
Mary Peatfield Daughter Single Female 26 1885 - Manchester Lanc
Harry J



Visitor Single Male 33 1878 Engineer Hampstead London

Harry Graydar given as the visitor on FMP transcripton!!


1912. Mary I Peatfield married Henry J Gazdar Salford Jun 1912 . Likely not in the Church of England - these online for Lancashire

&, less than 4 months later,

1912. Emilie G J Gazdar born 21/7/1912 Birkenhead - died 2000, aged 88, Horsham Dec . Known as Aunt Jean- to Nigel

1914. John Gazdar born Salford Mar 1914 . Became a Barrister: S E court Kent Sessions: Temple Gdns E C 4 . Married Kathleen A Jones Westminster Dec 1946: children Gerald James Michael 1950- but his mother shown as Cooper!, but no Gazdar-Cooper marriage 1926-1950 in England

Kathleen Gazdar, born 22/10/1910, died Hove 1994 , leaving £ 396555!!

1915.Mary Gazdar born Manchester Jun 1915


Emilie and Mary Gazdar, and their father,- her husband- likely in Foxhall gardens ~ 1917

1921. Henry Gazdar & Martha Peatfield are living 391 Bury New Road, Prestwich - FMP Electoral roll. Martha had been widowed in 1913

Her husband, "Henry" Gazdar, deserts the family- ~1929, leaving them in poverty. She then took in lodgers

1939 Reg. Daughter, Emily, is a nurse at Derbyshire Royal Infirmary

Emily G Gazdar 23 Jul 1912 Female Hospital Nurse Single Servant

Husband is living Macclesfield

Where is she? Cannot find her Nor her daughter, Mary, nor her son, John: searched several times!


Mary Gazdar/Peatfield

1956. Mary Isabella Gazdar, 72, of 16 George Street, Prestwich, dies on 10/1/1956 leaving £792, executor, John Gazdar, her son, barrister in law . She died of cancer, and was nursed by her daughter, Mary


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