Hripsima Marcar 1794-1871

Can find no trace of her birth in India - baptisms from the Calcutta Armenian Church certainly do exist from 1796 at least! - and Marcar is not a common name at that time in India . Simon Marcar, 26, an Armenian Christian, is buried South Park cemetery , Calcutta in 1810- maybe a brother ?

1814. Miss Marcar married Malcolm Gasper on 16/2/1814 Bengal Presidency, almost certainly Calcutta


From Fibis site, they had the following children, baptised in the Armenian Church, Calcutta: Mariam 1815; Eghisabet 1817; Gaspar 1818-1862; Haroutun 1820; Petros 1822; Ana Maria 1823; Khachkhatun 1825; Osvanna 1827 & Nikoghayos 1829

Haratoun Malcolm Gasper's eldest son was Archibald Malcolm Gasper.

Gaspar M Gaspar died, aged 43, on 5/8/1862 Calcutta; his wife Helen on 4/11/1862. He left a Will - Investigate . Their daughters, Mary, married in 1864 & Catherine in 1865 & Hosannah in 1878 -Fibis Times of India

Elizabeth Gasper became Elizabeth I George Bagram

Mariam Gasper & Ana Maria Gasper must die before 1855

Khachkhatun may be known as Marcar by 1855

Hosana Manook A Gasper became Hosana Manook A David


1830. M Gasper listed as working in Secretarial Department, along with Stephanous Malcolm Gasper, their address 21 Moorgyhutta Street. Also a Vardan Gasper , no occup., at 167 China Bazaar, along with G V Gasper, writer exchange & also Paul Jordan, firm of Agabeg & Co, there at 167 China Bazaar. . Also A C Gasper, trader, 12 Portuguese Church Street

- this last, Astura? Charles, is the brother of Arratoon Gasper who made a will in 1818 & also the brother of Malcam, Baldazar & Petruse Gasper, & of Nanya Gabriel Ines Gregory, to whom Arratoon left an amethyst ring .

His morgaged house in Moorgyhutta Street is mentioned in his 1851 Will

No Marcar resident in the 1830 List of Armenian Residents of Calcutta - so, seemingly, Hripsima's father had died, if she were from Calcutta that is

this an Extract from the Bengal Annual Register and Directory for 1831- Armenian Residents in Calcutta 1830

1851. Her husband wrote his Will - British India Office Wills and Probate-FMP

1855.M Gasper died 16/12/1855 Calcutta, aged 64- Fibis - This could be he and because his Will was seemingly invalid, 17 years passed before his affairs were wound up ??.

1871. Repsima Malcolm Gasper,77, dies Ballygunge ( South Calcutta, ~ 4 k from the centre) - - on 27/11/1871 - Times of India Ripis . Her grave almost certainly shown on LizChater site

1872. Although Malcolm had died in 1855, there seems to have been problems due to one of the executors having predeceased him, & thus the Will annexed. - administration granted on 18/4/1872 , the sole surviving executor was Arratoun Malcolm Gasper and probate was granted to his eldest son, Archibald Malcolm Gasper :Nicholas Malcolm Gaspar & Johannes Gregory Bagram were the 2 Sureties( guarantors) - FMP British India Office Wills . Left 28,000 rupees


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