Hosannah Queenie Jordan 1847-1912


I have almost no knowledge of this lady, my paternal great-grandmother, with no understanding of her move from Calcutta to Edinburgh and of her personal or financial circumstances, but feel very aware of her devotion to her eldest boy Hugh, my Grandfather GHWG; she commissioned for him a handsome gold watch fob, currently in my possession, which includes a George III golden ‘spade’ Guinea, its case inscribed ‘TO MY HUGH FROM QUEENIE 1899’ ; this will be passed on to my own son Hugh (born 1987). I have a sepia photograph of her on horseback within an ink-drawn Arts-and-Crafts style frame, and miniature photos of her infant son Nicholas and two iyoung sons Hugh and Dwight at three of its four corners. She is last photographed at GHWG’s wedding in Plumstead in 1912; Uncle Hugh told me she died during GHWG’s ensuing honeymoon in Iceland..

A John Paul Jordan got the MC in WW1.https://www.greatwarforum.org/topic/260916-armenians-in-british-military-forces/

1847. Hosannah Queenie Jordan was born Calcutta to Jordan P Jordan & Anna Chater . Their 2nd daughter . Born 8/5/1847 -Jordan Ancestry tree & Fibis

1870. Hosannah Jordan married Nicholas Malcolm Gaspar, Pleader State, in St Johns Church, old cathedral, Calcutta on 15/3/1870. Both resident in Calcutta His father Malcolm Gasper, hers Jordan Paul Jordan. Witnesses George Bagram (,married in 1834 to El;izabeth Gasper, her now sister in law & also on his father's 1851 Will ) & J P Jordan, her father. A Church of England - FMP British India records


Mar 15 at St John's Church Calcutta by the Rev J Stevenson, MA, Nicholas Malcolm Gasper Esq to Hosannah 2nd daughter of JP Jordan Esq, of Calcutta   -Times of India Fibis 

1870 Ripsima Anne Gaspar ( 1870-1955) born on 6/12/1870 in Calcutta , baptised 22/1/1871 - Ancestry India baptisms & IGI . She went to boarding school in Hove England, 1881C, and married William Joseph Bennison, contractor, in Christ Church, Paddington on 6/10/1908, her mother a witness - image on Ancestry . Seemingly no children: in 1911C, he from Killegan, Co. Wicklow. He dies 1911, leaving £10000. Ripsima dies, 22/4/1955, aged 84, Cuckfield, Jun, 1954 .Probate £32030, to Gregory Hugh Walter Gasper & Joan Queenie Hickson [ her niece, Frederick's daughter]

1875. Nicholas Malcolm Gaspar ( 1875-1876) born in Calcutta. Born 26/6/1875, baptised 22/ 8/1875- IGI & recorded on Fibis - as just son Gasper

1876. Nicholas Reginald Gasper, son of NM Gasper, died 26/12/1876, aged 1, Calcutta. Hosannah likely had just conceived their next child.

Why did she go to Edinburgh to give birth?? - no previous family connection with Edinburgh found!!. Did she feel Nicholas had died due to being in Calcutta ??

1877. Gregory Hugh Walter Gaspar was born 12/8/1877 Edinburgh, Midlothian to Nicholas & Hosannah- b.c. on his page

1879. Frederick Paul Dwight Gaspar was born Edinburgh, Midlothian to Nicholas & Hosannah- he later went to Cambridge, 1889, then became a Solicitor - b.c. on his page


ripsima .hugh .dwight

Nicholas?, Hugh & Dwight as children- photos on the corners of the photo of Hosannah on horseback

. I think originally there would have been a photo of Ripsima at the top left

1881. Hannah Gasper, 30, wife of Advocate, was living 32 Melville Street, Duddingstone Portobello, Midlothian with his mother and younger brother. Hannah given as Hosannah on Ancestry entry . Ripsinna Gasper, 10, is at school in Hove

Hannah Gasper Head Married Female 30 1851 Wife Of Advocate India
Hugh Gasper Son Unmarried Male 3 1878 - Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Dwight Gasper Son Unmarried Male 2 1879 - Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Mary Hack Servant Unmarried Female 31 1850 Nurse England
Jessie Crichton Servant Unmarried Female 14 1867 General Serv (Domestic) Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

No Gasp*r, other than Dwight, in 1891, 1901 or 1911C,

hos-dau-1 . hos-daut-2

Hosannah with her daughter Ripsima , probably pre 1908: maybe as early as 1898

1891C. Seemingly back in Calcutta

1894. Her mother dies

1901C. Seemingly back in Calcutta. Her son Dwight is in England

1904. Her husband dies

1908 and 1909, she is living 67 Cambridge Gardens, Kensington. In 1909 her 2 sons are also there, being charged rent by her as the owner.



1911C. ??. Cannot find her in Britain . Odd that she might have returned to Calcutta- no close relatives still there? Maybe siblings?


Her saphire ring,

passed down to her daut in law, Elsie F Gaspar/Heard, then to Elsie's daut -n law, Mary Gaspar/Gazdar, and then to Mary's daut in law, Michelle Gaspar

1912.. She attends her son's- Gregory's - wedding on 10/6/1912.


Hosannah seated

1912. Hosannah Q Gaspar, 65, dies at 242 Gloucester terrace, Paddington 22/6/1922 Paddington Jun 1912. She died whilst her son Gregory was on his honeymoon in Iceland


Buried St Marylebone Cemetery- Times notice death-hos-gaspar

No grave on Findagrave for that cemetery _ Nigel, worth you going to the cemetery next time in London to find her grave : their office will have details of the burial

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