James Henry Gazdar 1877-1957


James Henry ~ 1907?

1877. James Gazdar born on 13/11/1877 at 8 Abbey Terrace , Marylebone Marylebone Dec 1877 to Jamshetji Gazdar, barrister at law, & Mary Ann White


1881C. James Gazdar, 3, Rendisham House Cheshunt Herts . A Rendlesham Hall was like a stately home!

Jamsetji Gazdar Head Married Male 37 1844 Barrister At Law (In Actual Practice At The Chancery Bar) India Parsee Bombay
Mary A Gazdar Wife Married Female 37 1844 - St Pancras Middlesex, England
Mary Gazdar Daughter Single Female 5 1876 - Marylebone, Middlesex, England
James Gazdar Son Single Male 3 1878 - Marylebone, Middlesex, England
Gertrude Gazdar Daughter Single Female 1 1880 - Marylebone, Middlesex, England
Harriet Taylor Servant Single Female 31 1850 Nurse (Domestic) Swaffham, Norfolk, England
Isabel Taylor Servant Single Female 16 1865 Generl Servt (Domestic) Marylebone, Middlesex, England
Jane Kent Servant Single Female 15 1866 Generl Servt (Domestic) Marylebone, Middlesex, England

1891C. Did he attend school in Bombay??

1895-6. May well have been the opening bat for the Parsee cricket team in Bombay- no initials given!

1901C. ?. Seemingly not in England. He must have trained as an engineer by now- aged 23. So, still in Bombay?

1911C Mistranscribed on FMP !! Harry J Gazdar is living with his future in laws, the Peatfields, at 211 Great Cheatham St, West Broughton, Salford. Parents married 44 years, 8 children, 1 dead

Thomas Peatfield Head Married Male 70 1841 Provision Whitefield Lanc
Martha Peatfield Wife Married Female 69 1842 Registry Office Dublin Irleand Resident
Marion Peatfield Daughter Single Female 39 1872 - Oldham Lanc
Cecilia Peatfield Daughter Single Female 28 1883 Drapery Dis Manchester Lanc
Mary Peatfield Daughter Single Female 26 1885 - Manchester Lanc
Harry J



Visitor Single Male 33 1878 Engineer Mechanical engineer works Hampstead London

Harry Graydar given as the visitor on FMP transcripton!!

1912. Henry J Gazdar married Mary I Peatfield Salford Jun 1912 . No marriage record in whole county of Lancashire on Online Parish Clerk site . So likely a Registry Office wedding . This m.c. would surely tell us nothing new, just their addresses, and likely the same as above

&, less than 4 months later,

1912. Emilie G J Gazdar born 23/7/1912 Birkenhead - died 2000, aged 88, Horsham Dec . A hospital nurse in 1939 register. Called herself Jeanette . seemingly left considerable money.

1914. John Gazdar born Salford Mar 1914 .In 1938 became engaged, member of Grays Inn, to Catherine Walker of Hyderabad -Times Digital Archives. In 1946 became engaged to the widow Kathleen Archard Jones .Married Kathleen Cooper/Archard-Jones: had son Gerald James Michael Gazdar Hertford Mar 1950, mother given as Cooper.: this birth announced in the Times . He appeard in cases in Court of criminal Appeal .Maybe appointed Appeals Secretary for the East Surrey Hospital in 1939 -FMP Newspapers . Died , aged 53, Islington Mar 1967- Probate register has a gap 1967- 1972!! "Mother's brother John produced two children, a girl ,Susan, sadly damaged at birth who lived to be about 15, and Gerald Gazdar, retired professor of linguistics at Sussex; sadly he and I seem unable to communicate with ease - he is maybe resentful that I have JJ's cabinet, and  also I suspect at my rapprochement with my aunt in Surbiton in about 1987.". Gerald does not seem to marry . Was living East Henfield ~2002.

1915.Mary Gazdar born 23/4/1915 Manchester Jun 1915 . No baptism for her in Broughton, or in whole county of Lancashire on Online Parish Clerk site


Emilie and Mary Gazdar, and likely their father, in Foxhall gardens ~ 1917

john-g . mary-g

John Gazdar . . . . . . . . Mary Gazdar

1921. Henry Gazdar & Martha Peatfield- his mother in law - are living 391 Bury New Road, Prestwich - FMP Electoral roll

He later deserted the family ~1927, running away with another woman to Ireland, but he is certainly in Macclesfield in 1939

Henry went off with another woman to Ireland when my mother was aged about 12, leaving his family in poverty; he died in Ireland. I never even met him. I think my mother was damaged by this and by him. She could remember visiting JJ in Essex, seeing his Queen Anne country house and little dairy herd - she was seven when he died. I knew little of JJ's wife, not even her name; she was the 'spit' of my mother from a photo I once saw, and was somewhat manic in old age, as was my mother. She retired to a hotel in "Sidmouth". My mother could be quarrelsome and reclusive, and she remained a Manchester housewife, separating herself from the family. We visited Gertrude's widower in Bures ( 12 k NW of Colchester) , Essex, in a wonderful black-and-white cottage with undulating floorb oards, when I was about 8; I was so strongly gripped by the house that ultimately I have bought one such myself! - NIgel

1939 Reg. James Gazdar, 1877, retired engineer is living Greenways, Robin Lane, Macclesfield. Is Bertha the lady he ran off with??She maybe living Maple Grove Manchester, father a cotton porter, in 1911C . But who is Alice Fleming??

James Gazdar 30 Nov 1877 Male Retired Engineer Married 131 1
Bertha M Gleave 10 Nov 1901 Female Housekeeper Single 131 2
Alice Fleming (Mc Ellus) 25 Jun 1927 Female At School Single 131 3

His son, John, did track him down to a pub in Ireland at one point to check he had no other children- for inheritance. His ex-wife( do not think they divorced) died 1956

1957. James Henry Gazdar, 79, widower, died 21/7/1957, in Hospital in Cork of Pneumonia. Did he leave a Will?? - seemingly not

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