Thomas Crossland ~1785- 18xx

No marriage to a Sarah on FMP/Ancestry/FS/IGI 1785-1806 .

1806. Mary Crossland was born to Thomas & Sarah on 26/7/1806 in Darfield. Baptised on 28/7/1806 in Hemmingfield ~ 8 k SE of Barnsley

An Ann Walker was baptised 21/4/1805 in Hemmingfield, born Darfield, to Thomas Crossland & Sarah Walker - IGI submitted genealogy, likely true! and a Joseph and a Mary Crossland were baptised there in 1807

A Thomas Crossland, 35, of Lower Denby, buried 4/12/1817- Ancestry , thus born ~1782 Unlikely, well the other side of Barnsley . No other possible burial n Ancestry

Not in 1841C on FMP /Ancestry

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