George Cooke 1830-1884

Son of a labourer. Miller, then grocer & provision dealer

1830. George Cooke was born to parents Joseph Cooke & Mary Crossland on 18/4/1830 in South Kirby

1841C. Almost certainly his family, brother William 1838 was born 'Grimsthorp'! in Grimefthorp, Felkirk, Ecclesfield, but he not with them! Grimethorp is just 3-4 k south of Hemsworth

Joseph Cooke Male 40 1801 ag. labourer Yorkshire, England
Mary Cooke Female 35 1806 Yorkshire, England
Sarah Cooke Female 5 1836 Yorkshire, England
John Cooke Male 5 1836 Yorkshire, England
William Cooke Male 3 1838 Yorkshire, England
Joseph Cooke Male 1 1840 Yorkshire, England


1851C.George Cooke , 21, miller, was living Burnt Wood, Hemsworth with his parents and 4 siblings

Joseph Cook Head Married Male 50 1801 Labourer Kirkby, Yorkshire, England
Mary Cook Wife Married Female 40 1811 - Kemingfield, Yorkshire, England
George Cook Son Unmarried Male 21 1830 Miller Kirkby, Yorkshire, England
William Cook Son - Male 13 1838 Scholar Grimsthorp Yorkshire, England
Henry Cook Son - Male 7 1844 Scholar Darfield, Yorkshire, England
Mary A Cook Daughter - Female 5 1846 Scholar Darfield, Yorkshire, England
Carlott Cook Daughter - Female 3 1848 - Darfield, Yorkshire, England

1861C. George Cooke , 31, miller labourer, was living as a lodger at Holes, Knottingley, the house of the widow Mary Baldwin. Knottingley ~23 k ENE of Wakefield

Mary Baldwin Head Widow Female 40 1821 Laundress Rillington, Yorkshire, England
Anne Eliz Baldwin Daughter Unmarried Female 12 1849 Scholar Knottingley, Yorkshire, England
Sarah Baldwin Daughter - Female 9 1852 Scholar Knottingley, Yorkshire, England
Lucy Baldwin Daughter - Female 7 1854 Scholar Knottingley, Yorkshire, England
Joe Baldwin Son - Male 2 1859 Scholar Knottingley, Yorkshire, England

Plus George Cooke 31, lodger, b. South Kirby, miller labourer and another lodger record originally found on Ancestry

1861 George Cooke, 31, corn miller journeyman, married Mary Baldwin, 40, (nee Wright), widow, on 14/10/1861 in Knottingley . His father Joseph Cooke, labourer: hers Joseph Wright, labourer


Their first son was Joe Baldwin Cooke born 2 years before their marriage on 3/3/1859 as just Joe Baldwin; his descendant was Geoffrey Baldwin Cooke, to who I owe much of the earlier Cooke research - many thanks. Mary Balwin's husband, George, had died in 1856

1865. Frederick Cooke was born on 30/7/1865 to George & Mary in Knottingley

1870. In Whites Trade Directory George is listed as a shopkeeper in Wakefield

1871C. George Cooke, 41, cornmiller & shopkeeper, provision merchant & purveyor of hams??, was living in Rhodes Building, Swaddling Stones, East Moor,Stanley cum Wrenthorpe Wakefield. Stanley ~4k NNE of Wakefield

George Cooke Head - Male 41 1830 - South Kirkby, Yorkshire, England
Mary Cooke Wife - Female 48 1823 - Kellington Yorkshire, England
Sarah Baldwin Step-Daughter - Female 19 1852 - Yorkshire, England
Mary J Cooke Daughter - Female 9 1862 - Yorkshire, England
Joe B Cooke Son - Male 12 1859 - Yorkshire, England
Frederick Cooke Son - Male 6 1865 - Knottingley Yorkshire, England


1875. In Smith's Directory George Cooke had 2 business premises: Rhodes Building & Kitson Row, Jacobs Well.

1881C. George Cooke, 50, gro provision dealer, was living at 1 Jacobs Well Lane, Stanley with Wrenthorpe

George Cook Head Married Male 50 1831 Gro Provision Dealer South Kirkby, Yorkshire, England
Mary A Cook Wife Married Female 60 1821 - Kellington, Yorkshire, England
Joe B Cook Son Single Male 27 1854 Solicitors Clerk Knottingley, Yorkshire, England
Mary J Cook Daughter Single Female 19 1862 - Knottingley, Yorkshire, England
Frederick Cook Son Single Male 16 1865 - Knottingley, Yorkshire, England
Sarah Baldwin Step Daughter Single Female 30 1851 - Knottingley, Yorkshire, England
Lucy Dearlove Daughter Married Female 28 1853 - Knottingley, Yorkshire, England
Alice G Dearlove Grand Daughter Single Female 3 1878 Scholar Wakefield, Yorkshire, England
Mary A Dearlove Grand Daughter Single Female 0 1881 - Wakefield, Yorkshire, England

1884. George Cooke, 53, grocer & provision dealer, died 28/3/1884 Stanley Road, East Moor, Wakefield . Probate of £282, his son, Joe Baldwin Cooke, articled clerk, one of the executors . No burial on Ancestry or FMP. No death notice on FMP Newspapers



1899. Described as a Miller in the 1899 mc of his son, Fred.


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