John Weaver 1811- 1874

Mason, born Kingsland, but his ancestors hailed from Peterchurch . Moved SW to Eardisley around 1867. Kingsland 5 k NW of Leominster

1811. John Weaver was baptised Kingsland to John & Hester Weaver on 24/11/1811 - his parents and grandparents originated from Peterchurch ~34 k SW

1830. A John Weaver - probably ours! - marries Ann Williams Worcester --Ancestry marriage

1838- 1840 John Weaver must be working well W of Kingsland, around Huntington


1838. John Herbert Weaver was born Hereford Jun 1838 to John Weaver & Ann Williams- her name from Wildish tree Their marriage 22/2/1830 Worcester -Ancestry . Need to get this b.c to confirm her name?? - not over important as I could not then go any further back

1840. James Weaver born Hereford Jun 1840

Hereford district includes Huntington: Leominster district includes Kingsland

1841C. John Weaver, 30, pauper, is likely in Leominster Workhouse with Mary Ann 6, John 3 & James 1. So has his wife just died? Ann Weaver dies Leominster Sep 1840 or Hereford Dec 1840

1847. Maybe John Weaver marries Martha Moore Leominster Mar 1847

1848. Son Thomas Weaver born to his 2nd marriage Leominster Mar 1848

1851C. John Weaver, 40, mason, Druly Lane, Kingsland, Leominster. Kingsland 5 k NW of Leominster

John Weaver Head Married Male 40 1811 Mason Leominster, Herefordshire, England  
Martha Weaver Wife Married Female 30 1821 - -Radnor  
Thomas Weaver Son Married Male 3 1848 - Eardisland Herefordshire, England


1861C. John Weaver, 50, mason, is living Drury Lane, Kingsland, Leominster with his 2nd wife, first son John & son Thomas,

John Weaver Head Married Male 50 1811 Stone Mason Leominster, Herefordshire, England  
Martha Weaver Wife Married Female 40 1821 - Old Radnor, Radnorshire, Wales  
John Weaver Son Unmarried Male 22 1839 Agricultural Labourer Huntington, Herefordshire, England  
Thomas Weaver Son Unmarried Male 13 1848 Scholar Eardisland, Herefordshire, England

Eardisland ~ 12 k W of Leominster, ~5 k SW of Kingsland - see MAP

1867. Does John Weaver remarry Elizabeth Kedward ?? Weobly Mar 1867. Weobly just includes Eardisland , but not Kingsland

1871C. John Weaver, 59, mason, Eardisley , Kington, Herefordshire . John Weaver 11 is odd here - not in 1861C and anyway he already has a son called John Herbert!! Also birthplaces incorrect!

John Weaver Head - Male 59 1812 - mason Kington Herefordshire, England  
Elizh Weaver Wife - Female 58 1813 - Kington Herefordshire, England  
Thos Weaver Son - Male 33 1838 - mason Kington Herefordshire, England  
John Weaver Son - Male 11 1860 - eardisley Herefordshire, England

1874. John Weaver likely dies Kington Jun 1874, stated age 63 . Kington includes Eardisley . Eardisley ~20 k SW of Kingsland, ~15 k SSE of Kington

1881C. His- 3rd?- wife, Elizabeth Weaver, widow, is a visitor at the Rectory. Eardisley


Going back 2? more generations

On same page as John Weaver, 40, in the 1851C there is a John Weaver, 68, ag.lab., with wife Esther, 68, both born Peterchurch, Herefordshire with a grandchild, Ann Powell,& a great grandchild, William Powell 4mths . These are 1811 John's parents

They are in the 1841C. John Weaver, 55, ag. lab., living Dog Kingsland with wife Esther

John Weaver Male 55 1786 Herefordshire, England  
Esther Weaver Female 55 1786 Herefordshire, England  
Ann Powell Female 11 1830 Herefordshire, England

& living next door to them another John Weaver, 80, with wife, Sarah, 70. 1811 John's grandparents??- likely John is, but has remarried .All born Herefordshire

John Weaver married Esther Beavan Peterchurch 23/4/1807- FS

& a John Weaver was baptised to John & Hannah in Peterchuch on 12/7/1783

So, we have John & Hannah Weaver, born ~ 1760

going down to John Weaver, 1783, marrying Esther Beavan in 1807

going down to John Weaver 1811

End of Going back more generations