Agnes Stevenson 1812- 1854

1812. Agnes Stevenson born Lanarkshire- no specific place given on 1851C FMP transcription and no actual image available there[ would be at a price on SP!]

2 Baptisms exist in Barony Lanark on FS. 3/2/1812 to Alexander Stevenson & Helenor Dun: 5/2/1812 to David Stevenson & Agnes Richardson

Other baptisms to Alexander & Helenor: James 1812, Douglas 1817 & James 1820 . Other baptisms to David & Agnes: Alexander 1814

1834. In Govan on 6/12/1834 Agnes Stevenson marries Peter McNee - her maiden name given on the 1858 m.c. of their son, Peter McNee 1836


1836/7. Son Peter McNee born to Peter & Agnes in Glasgow - yet to find baptism . His 1858 m.c. has an Alexander Stevenson as a witness maybe a brother of his mother?- in which case his mother's parents would be David Stevenson & Agnes Richardson: can I get more proof of this ??

1841C Peter Mcnee, 25, is living Drygate Street Lanark

Peter McNee Male 25 1816 Lanarkshire, Scotland  
Agnes McNee Female 25 1816 Lanarkshire, Scotland  
Peter McNee Male 4 1837 Lanarkshire, Scotland  
Margaret McNee Female 2 1839 Lanarkshire, Scotland  
John McNee Male 1 1840 Lanarkshire, Scotland  
Robert Stevenson Male 20 1821 Lanarkshire, Scotland

Robert Stevenson born 1817-1821 would be her brother- can I find his baptism?? Or a d.c for him staing his parents

1851C Peter Mcnee, 41, is living Sawmillfield Place St Georges Lanark

Peter MacNee Head Married Male 41 1810 Carter Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland  
Agnes MacNee Wife Married Female 39 1812 - Lanarkshire, Scotland  
Peter MacNee Son - Male 15 1836 Foundry Labourer Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland  
Margaret MacNee Daughter - Female 13 1838 Factory Weaver Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland  
Janet MacNee Daughter - Female 3 1848 - Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

1851-1854. Agnes McNee dies. There is just one death on SP 1851-1854- and this is in 1854, but not seemingly in Lanark! . Have purchased a page of deaths of Agnes McNee 1855-1856: she is not there! There is one in 1856 for an Agnes McNee with Paterson on it- her mother in law's name??- No, it proved to be the d.c of Peter's married sister, Agnes Davis!

And Peter remarries Janet Shiels / Allan in Blythswood, Glasgow, in 1856