Elizabeth Edwards 1921-2013


1921.Elizabeth Edwards was born to Thomas Edwards & Catheine Edith Rose Weaver 1921. Pontypridd Dec 1921, one of twins, the other one being Margaret

1939. Her parents, Thomas & Rose, are at 1 Hoddinott Houses, Rhondda with likely 4 of their children [ records closed- likely Elizabeth is one of these ].


7, Hodinott Houses- in 2016. Number 1 now demolished, but her mother & grandparents had lived at number 7 in 1901-1916 at least.

1945. Elizabeth Edwards married Edgar O Barnes Southend Sep 1945

1950. Ian E Barnes born Stafford Sep 1950

1955. Edward S Barnes born Surrey N E Mar 1955

1977. Her father, Thomas Edwards, died Mar 1977 Coventry

1992. Her husband, Edgar O Barnes, died Southampton

1995. Her mother, Catherine Edith R Edwards died Feb 1995 Coventry, leaving the house to Elizabeth & her- Rose's - youngest daughter, Mary.

2013. Elizabeth Edwards died Coventry ???, very sadly estranged from her twin, Margaret, in her final years