Edith Margaret Davies 1875- 1949?

1875. Edith Margaret Davies is born Clun Sep 1875 6a 585 , actually 16/6/1875. Parents William Davies & Susannah Williams . Baptised 6/7/1875 in Clun & Bryn to William & Susanna Davies -FMP. so this must be she . She is indeed born 16/6/1875 , Park Hill, Clun , her father a farm labourer.



Have found William & Susanna Davies in 1871C & 1881C, but she not listed- at least as Edith - on the latter. 1911C gives her birthplace as Hopton Heath- some way from Clun but where the youngest of Susanna's and William's children, Farime, was listed as born in 1881C!!

Clun 20 K W of Ludlow- on border of Wales . Clun is a reg. district in its own right

1881C. Her family are living Clungunford All the birth years seem completely bizarre on this census- but could be that : Mary Ann b. 1866/7 was not baptised until Alice Jane was born in 1871: Herbert was entered as Albert in 1881C: Alice and Susanna are both entered as 2 years younger than they actually were: Edith could either have been entered as Elizabeth, also 2 years too young, or omitted altogether if there was an actual Elizabeth : and no idea what name Farime was registered as!!!

William Davis Head Married Male 47 1834 Labour Radnorshire, Wales  
Sisanna Davis Wife Married Female 34 1847 - Penybont, Radnorshire, Wales  
Mary Ann Davis Daughter Single Female 14 1867 - Radnorshire, Wales  
Albert Davis Son Single Male 10 1871 - Clun, Shropshire, England  
Alice Davis Daughter Single Female 8 1873 - Clun, Shropshire, England  
Susanna Davis Daughter Single Female 6 1875 - Clun, Shropshire, England  
Elizabeth Davis Daughter Single Female 4 1877 - Clun, Shropshire, England  
Farime Davis Daughter Single Female 1 1880 - Hopton Heath, Shropshire, England  
John Williams Lodger - Male 32 1849 Labour Penybont, Radnorshire, Wales


1891C Cannot find- after exhaustive FMP & Ancestry searches . Could be a servant in Shrewsbury, b. 1874 Churton- not that near Clun!

1893.Edith Margaret Davies marries James Weaver Pontypridd Jun 1893

1897.Catherine Edith R Weaver was born Pontypridd Sep 1897

1901C. Edith Margaret Weaver, 23, is living Hodinott Houses, 7 Ystradyfodig, Pontypridd

James Weaver Head Married Male 29 1872 Coal Hewer Below Ground Kingsland, Herefordshire, England  
Edith Margaret Weaver Wife Married Female 23 1878 - Clun, Shropshire, England  
John James Weaver Son - Male 6 1895 - Ystrad, Glamorgan, Wales  
Katherine Edith Weaver Daughter - Female 3 1898 - Ystrad, Glamorgan, Wales  
Margaret Ellen Weaver Daughter - Female 0 1901 - Ystrad, Glamorgan, Wale

1911C. Edith Margaret Weaver, 34, is living 7 Hoddinott Houses, Pentre, Rhondda, Glamorgan in 4 rooms. James and Edith had had 11 children, 3 of whom had died . James had written Ystrad S. Wales as the end of the address

James Weaver Head Married Male Coal Miner Hewer 38 1873 Herefordshire Kingland  
Edith Margret Weaver Wife Married Female - 34 1877 Shropshire Hopton Heath  
John James Weaver Son Single Male Coal Miner Hewer Boy 17 1894 Glamorgan Ystrad  
Katherine Edith Ron Weaver Daughter - Female - 13 1898 Glamorgan Ystrad  
Margaret Ellen Weaver Daughter - Female School 10 1901 Glamorgan Ystrad  
Agnes Annie Weaver Daughter - Female - 9 1902 Glamorgan Ystrad  
James Alfred Weaver Son - Male - 7 1904 Glamorgan Ystrad  
Florrie May Weaver Daughter - Female - 5 1906 Glamorgan Ystrad  
Lilly Maud Weaver Daughter - Female - 2 1909 Glamorgan Ystrad  
Annie Mary Weaver Daughter - Female - 1 1910 Glamorgan Ystrad

1939. James Weaver, pensioner, born 22/2/1872, is living 16 Llandraw Road, Pontypridd, with his wife, Edith M Weaver, born 16/6/1875. and son William C Weaver, general labourer, born 11/8/1913

1949.?? Edith M Weaver, aged 50??, dies Pontypridd Sep1949. Feel this likely her and the age mistranscibed along the line! I wonder if Ed's mother ever talked of her??

1956.James Weaver, aged 84, dies Pontypridd Mar 1956